Monsters inc talking Boo - RRP over £20 @ home bargains

Monsters inc talking Boo - RRP over £20 @ home bargains

Found 9th Dec 2013
Comes complete with batteries

boo has multiple phrases from the movie. A bargain at £6.99


Too cute

is this in store or on line

My local probably won't have It in :-(

thanks for the flamedeer but sooooooo gutted this isnt online as ive been looking for one of these for ages and no home bargain store near me. heat for price though as its cheap as xxx

My local store has these.

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well in stockport they ONLY had these at the small edgeley store. they didnt have them at the big one in stockport peel centre

best thing about it it actually has the phrase where she goes "Mike Wazowski" lol

omg soooooooo cute!!! no home bargains near me tho so if anyone is feeling flush and would like to buy me one nice find

Will look today, thanks

Good bargain if you can get one, haven't seen any in the two nearest to me

aww thats good, my daughter loved monsters university when we went to see it, she would love this

That's it, I'm starting a petition to get home bargains to open up here

Gonna get one of these for my 21 year old daughter!

ooh, never seen this before. Thank you!

shame I don't have a home bargains near me hot though for those that do and can get

Looks like Ill be popping in Home Bargains then. My little boy would love one of these

I want one for myself!

Boo so cute

great price

aww well cute

I love Boo! Great find

My tk max had this but think it was 9.99 x

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tk max tend to get a lot of the same stuff as Home bargains and B&M only they price it a lot more than those 2 stores

Thanks, that's really cute

I paid 7.99 for myne in home bargains! x

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I paid 7.99 for myne in home bargains! x

how strange

tho in stockport it was priced up as £6.99 when scanned it didnt pick it up as an item. was deff £6.99 on the shelf tho

Might have to get one for my daughter

aww lovely. My daughter looked just like boo when she was 3!


None in Oldham. Heat added for good deal though

never seen them in Jarrow store

Saw one today in Carlisle, it was priced at £7.99

just looked the other one said u couldnt buy online but u can now.

Actually I found some in the Oldham one today. They were away from the toy section.

Bought one of these in the Leeds centre store last night for my sister's step-daughter, who's joining us on Xmas Eve - but it's soooooo flipping adorable I want to keep it for myself!
I think they are £6.99 for the monster costume Boo, and £7.99 for the regular Boo - although they only had the monster costume Boo in this store.
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