Monsters vs Aliens (1-Disc) [DVD] £4.49 @ Amazon & Play
Monsters vs Aliens (1-Disc) [DVD] £4.49 @ Amazon & Play

Monsters vs Aliens (1-Disc) [DVD] £4.49 @ Amazon & Play

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Monsters vs Aliens (1-Disc) [DVD] £4.49 @ Amazon & Play

Great family film

With eye popping visuals and launching the kind of brightly coloured carnage onto the screen that computer animation excels at, Monsters vs Aliens is a film that knows its intended audience well, and targets them precisely. On one side of the fence is a motley crew of heroes, led by the near 50-feet tall Ginormica. She’s joined by B.O.B. the blob, Dr Cockroach and the frankly bizarre The Missing Link. Between them, they have to fight off the threat of the dastardly Gallaxhar, in a fairly standard at heart good versus evil adventure.

And yet Monsters vs Aliens throws plenty into the pot to make things more interesting. Firstly, it’s odd cast of characters are generally the last thing you’d expect from cute and cuddly kids’ movies, but they’re a hard bunch not to like. Then there’s some terrific voice talent at work, and the overall quality of the animation is simply superb as well.

What’s nice too about Monsters vs Aliens are the tips of the hat to the older viewers. It’s not always the most subtle script for working on two levels, but the assorted nods to science fiction classics are warmly appreciated. They certainly help paper over a few of the cracks when the film’s blinding visuals relax and leave you realising what a straightforward tale is hiding underneath. But then the film tries so hard to keep you entertained that it’s hard not to cut it some slack.

For much of the running time of Monsters vs Aliens though you simply won’t have to. That’s because it’s solid, funny and pacey entertainment, that easily whiles away an hour and a half. There’s plenty of re-watch value here too, in a film that proves to be quality family entertainment. It’s no Shrek, but it’s still a fine piece of work.

Special Features

* Modern Monster Movie Making
* Three Never-Before-Seen Deleted Scenes:
> Monger’s Plan
> War Room Turns on Monsters
> If You Don’t Know
* DWA Music Video Juke Box
* Filmmaker Commentary
* The Tech of Monsters vs Aliens
* Top Secret Sneak Peek Files:
> How To Train Your Dragon
> Shrek The Musical
> Kung Fu Panda World
> The Penguins of Madagascar
> Shrek The Halls
> Secrets of the Furious Five
> Monsters vs Aliens Activision Game trailer


my three year old son told me this is rubbish!

Original Poster


my three year old son told me this is rubbish!

oh dear - my 5 & 10 years old love it

I'm 38, I thought it was rubbish too ;-)

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