Montano Sidro Italiano Cider 5% by Magners 49p Home Bargains

Montano Sidro Italiano Cider 5% by Magners 49p Home Bargains

Found 1st Oct 2015
Montano Sidro Italiano Cider 5% by Magners 49p in store Home Bargains. lovely cider 300ml bottles.
Montano is an elegantly crafted italian cider made with apples only grown in the Alpine valleys of the Trentino region, nestling in the foothills of the Dolomites. These orchards are some of the highest in Europe enjoying fresh mountain air and over 300 days of sunshine every year. Only the finest hand picked apples are selected to deliver this deliciously refreshing, crisp cider. Sidro in altitudinal, alla salute!
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i have a load of this from hb. great stuff
i like Old Sneaker brand cider. English Cider grown between the gasworks and Roma camp. The aroma of sewage from the water treatment station adds the Cider a certain je nai sai quoi . its available at Fortnums for £1.99 for a 5cl bottle . Pay for 3 get 2 deal
So it's an Italian cider from an Irish cider firm and tastes nothing like a real English cider.
Montano is fermented in Italy, in the Mezzacorona winery located in Arco, by Matteo. The Shepton Mallet Cider Mill bottles the cider in its 300ml bottle. Montano is made with Renetta apples from the Val di Non - a sweet and crisp dessert apple. Apple juice is used to sweeten the cider post fermentation. - I do not know if the apple juice used to sweeten it further is 100% juice or from concentrate. However the killer is that It is then pasteurised, killing any real apple flavor leaving it sickly sweet. It's probably better than Magners, but it's not what I would call all that decent or real.

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Montano Sidro Italiano a Cider beer by Magners GB / Shepton Mallet Cider Mill ( C&C Group), a brewery in Shepton Er maybe that's why it has it in the title or did I pluck it out of thin air.…05/
They only bottle it, so it's like saying when Dave the barman at the Dog and Duck puts a pint of Strongbow in a glass the cider is made by Dave from the Dog and Duck.
God it's nice only 39p from b and m
Just bought 21bottles 300ml from Approved Foods for £6.93!! :-)
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