Monty Bojangles Choccy scoffy chocolate truffles 135g, 88p, instore @ Tesco

Monty Bojangles Choccy scoffy chocolate truffles 135g, 88p, instore @ Tesco

LocalFound 8th Feb 2017
Went in Tesco looking for some cheap chocolate and found these on Clearance in store at 88p instead of £3.50 or so. 135g box, expires feb18.

I restrained myself and only bought 3 boxes, haha, i've had them before and they're really yummy

Each truffle is wrapped in its own little packet, and they're OOS on tesco website.

French Cocoa Dusted Truffles

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You may notice your heart quicken your breathing becomes short and feathered your eyes widen and twinkle a naughty smile plays across your lips fret not, this is all perfectly normal; something oh so good is coming...

You are about to have a gloriously chocolatey


The curious adventures of Monty Bojangles...

Upon an adventure to seek out the most chocolatey of intensely chocolatey wonders I finally discovered a chocolate concoction that sent me gloriously Choccy Scoffy

Curiously moreish

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Suitable for vegetarians
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which tesco? ?

which tesco? ?

​rotherham town centre
Heat added for the name alone - love it!
Ooh I love these. Went to tesco but sadly didn't have any, only the milky mischief ones at full price. ☹️
These things are like Crack Cocaine. I can't have them in the house. You have been warned
These are delicious - they're know as 'cat poo' in our house, and can be used to bribe every member of the family!
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