Monty Python Abusive Voice Keyring £2.79 + free delivery @ Play

Monty Python Abusive Voice Keyring £2.79 + free delivery @ Play

Found 10th Jul 2010
From the legendary Monty Python and the Holy Grail comes this fantastic abusive keychain with 17 sayings from the actual Monty Python crew!!

Button your lip, you ratbag!
Come on you miserable little man.
Come at me then...come on, do your worst, you worm.
Death awaits you all! With nasty, big, pointy teeth.
Don't come here with that posh talk you nasty stuck-up twit!
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
I wave my private parts at your aunties.
What is it now, you great pillock?
You dirty double-crossing rat.
You don't frighten us, pig-dogs!
Go and boil your bottoms, sons of a silly person.
I blow my nose at you.
You stupid, birdbrained, flatheaded...
You're a looney.

And a few more sayings we can't print!

For over 18's only.

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