Monty Python's Life Of Brian [DVD] [1979] £2.99 @ Amazon

Monty Python's Life Of Brian [DVD] [1979] £2.99 @ Amazon

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Monty Python's Life Of Brian [DVD] [1979] £2.99 @ Amazon

Monty Python delivers a scathing, anarchic satire of both religion and Hollywood's depiction of all things biblical with their second film. The setting is Judea 33 A.D, a time of poverty and chaos, with no shortage of messiahs, followers willing to believe in them, and exasperated Romans trying to impose some order. At the centre of it all is Brian Cohen (Graham Chapman), a reluctant would-be messiah who rises to prominence as a result of a series of absurd and truly hilarious circumstances providing ample opportunity for the entire ensemble (John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, and Chapman) to shine in multiple roles as they mock everyone and everything from ex-lepers, Pontius Pilate, and the art of haggling to crazy prophets, Roman centurions, and crucifixion.


What a great deal. One of the best films ever. Hot


Otters Noses?

Sure there were some ocelot body parts available to purchase but cant remember which parts.
Oh well, back to Venice and more f*****g gondolas!

Blessed all the cheesemakers

great film

It was the Richard Dawkins of it's day.


Never seen it. It's on my 'watch before I die' list......


Good deal. Definitely one of the best films ever made, probably the best comedy.


nice one centurion. heat added.

Probably my favourite film of all time.

Sad to think they almost certainly wouldn't have been able to make it now though, as almost every group in society could take offence at something in the film, if they really wanted to.

There were one or two scenes that they originally filmed that were excluded from the subsequently released version that were too controversial even for the sensors in the 1970's, which I hoped might be extras on this DVD. Looking at the description, sadly not, though.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if it actually gets banned from further sale all together in a few years time, the way the world is going....:(

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Great film and great price!

Brian: You have to be different!
The Crowd: Yes, we are all different!
Small lonely voice: I'm not!

Thanks for this . Bought for Hubby!!;)

I got the blu ray of this last week for £2.50

Stan: It's every man's right to have babies if he wants them.
Reg: But you can't have babies.
Stan: Don't you oppress me.
Reg: Where's the fetus going to gestate? You going to keep it in a box?

"Stwike him Centurwian - vewy woughly!"

"He has Spiwit"
"What Sir?"
"Spiwit. You know, bwavado. A touch of dewwing do"
"About ten to two Sir"

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My favourite film for a very long time, until I'd seen it so many times I can hardly watch it now!

Absolute classic if you have never seen it before. It's funny cos it's true!

Twisted my arm. Bought one..........

film for the ignorant and infantile



film for the ignorant and infantile

Four copies for you then
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