Monument Valley iOS now £1.49, usually £2.99 @ iTunes

Monument Valley iOS now £1.49, usually £2.99 @ iTunes

Found 9th Jul 2014
Monument Valley first time on sale. Great reviews, lovely looking game.


Thanks for posting, retailer added

Great innovative game , hopefully they make a follow up .

Amazing game but quite short. Well worth the money though even at full price

Lovely game and made in London. Support your local developers!


Still £2.49 on the Google Play store. Have some heat.

Lovely game. Charming graphics and music. Easily worth £1.50

Great game. £1.50 is a fair price.

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According to their twitter bio (@ustwogames) they're currently working on more levels to it.

Loved this, finished it in one short sitting but it's worth it.

Nigel, thats great news. cracking game

Got this via the free coins on the amazon marketplace.

As it was free I enjoyed it, ambient music and some clever level design make for a pleasing experience. The story is ok but predictable.

At the time I thought it would be an easy 69p purchase but was overpriced due to its short nature. Now I think its worth £1.50 if you know your getting a short game (though I can say it may well last some people a while depending on ability
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