Mookie My First Trike £11.21 delivered @ Amazon

Mookie My First Trike £11.21 delivered @ Amazon

Found 29th Mar 2010
cheapest i have seen this!

* Adjustable, removable steering handle
* Adjustable seat, seat belt and non slip pedals for extra safety support
* Press-out clutch for freewheeling
* Full metal construction
* Integrated rear bucket for storage


Looks like it gets great reviews everywhere!

Good for short distancesWe bought this trike for my daughter's 2nd … Good for short distancesWe bought this trike for my daughter's 2nd birthday, she loves it. Great value for money. It's not as durable as some others but really, how far is she going to go on it? So I would definitely recommend it. My nephew loved itI bought this trike for my nephews first birthday, he is a very active advanced little boy who hates his buggy but absolutely loves this trike so much my sister cannot get him off it sometimes. There are expensive versions but this offers good value for money, my son had the same when he was one and we only got rid of it last month and he is now seven!!durable, fun and good value

just what we need for our niece's 2nd birthday, heat added

Good price and I was very tempted to order one until I read the reviews...

Thanks placed an order ,read the reviews but that did not put me off,its only £11.21 .My daughter will use it in the back garden.
This was £14.99 two days ago ,so its really a bargain at £11.21.

for just over £11 if it lasts a year its worth it

Link showing £30.64

showing as £30.64 ??

price gone up:(

It's back down to £23.99, Amazon just can't make up their minds lol. They've done this with a few other childrens toys over the last few days!!

It's about £20 in Tesco at the moment!

Got this for my 2 year old at Christmas. She is on it all the time. Great bike.

dam missed it - gutted!!!
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