Mookie Scramblebug (lilac) £15.00 @ Argos

Mookie Scramblebug (lilac) £15.00 @ Argos

Found 12th Dec 2012
Bargain. Got my son a red one for his 2nd birthday and he loves it so much he refuses to upgrade to a scooter!
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Good price but oos in my area. Been waiting for the scuttlebug to come down in price too.
How sweet re your son! Bikes are nicer as you sit on them. My son wasn't keen on scooters either, so I don't blame him!
Cracking price, these were on offer for more than this in Costco recently.
can't find this on Argos' site....code invalid.
as much as the above was a blunt statement. There is no mention of it on argos website with all between 24-30 quid.
Says online only.
Cannot find it online?
It seems this offer is not longer available
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