Moon - £2.99 @ POP Vending Machines (IN-CINEMA)
Moon - £2.99 @ POP Vending Machines (IN-CINEMA)

Moon - £2.99 @ POP Vending Machines (IN-CINEMA)

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An isolated lunar astronaut begins to lose his grip on reality in this cerebral sci-fi thriller.

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is just two weeks away from finishing a lengthy, lonely contract mining Earth's primary source of energy, Helium-3, on the dark side of the moon. Thanks to a glitch in the communications satellite, Sam's only companion on this trip is Gerty (voiced by Kevin Spacey), the base's unsophisticated computer, and the odd recorded message sent from home. As his contract nears termination, Sam starts suffering from crippling headaches and vivid hallucinations, which lead to a near-fatal accident in a lunar rover. But while he's recovering back at the base, he makes a shocking discovery.

Winner of the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut By A British Director.


Nice one for ruining the movie in the description! :s

Link doesn't work either.

I loved this film!

I kept waiting for a big twist but it never came, still enjoyable though, Sam Rockwell was great.

Remove the description! It gives too much away!

fantastic movie but seriously sort the description of the film out

Although I think there are quite a few twists in this movie (the one that was spoiled was the most obvious) so you should still be able to enjoy this movie even in spite of the desriptions.

good film man but the spoilers are a bit harsh in the description lol.

Very good movie, wish they made more quality low budget sci fi like this

Agree with the spoiler comments. Should edit description.

This is a great film.

I've watched Moon can anyone explain to me why it's so highly rated? I found it boring to be honest. I love 2001 Space Odyssey which is a far far superior film, so I thought I would like this but nothing happens in the film, and what does happen is really obvious. This is no more than a homage to classic sci-fi from the 60s and 70s and to be honest they did it a lot better then. If some one said you have the option of watching paint dry for 2 hours or watching this film, I really consider the paint option.
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Fantastic film! One of the best films I saw last year!

I initially thought this film was "ok" and the missus hated it. THEN being thick.. I went to IMDB.com and looked up the detailed plot synopsis and it clearly explained what is actually a very subtle story with bits i missed that really made the difference between OK and .. bladdy great .. which this film is .. good deal .. get it ... NOW!!! Thanks

Dreadful film. It started so well, but when Sam #2 comes in I found myself getting so frustrated. The script was awful and the acting was silly.

Still a hot deal though. What sort of cinema's are these vending machines in?


Outstanding movie. Description spoils nothing really.

Excellent film. Loved it. Thanks.

I preferred Travolta in Battlefield Earth

Original Poster

I've removed part of the description. Sorry, folks, I was adding these quickly before bed.

I loved this film!


Very good movie, wish they made more quality low budget sci fi like this

Have you seen Dark Star from the 70s (never gets shown on TV for some reason) here's a synopsis

The crew of the spaceship Dark Star are on a 20-year mission to destroy unstable planets and make way for future colonisation by using smart bombs which zoom off cheerfully to do their duty. But unlike the orderly inhabitants of Star Trek's Enterprise, the nerves of this crew are becoming frayed to the point of psychosis. Their captain has been killed by a radiation leak that also destroyed their toilet paper. "Don't give me any of that 'Intelligent Life' stuff", says Commander Doolittle when presented with the possibility of alien life, "Find me something I can blow up". When an asteroid storm causes a malfunction, Bomb Number 20 (the most cheerful character in the film) has to be repeatedly talked out of exploding prematurely, each time becoming more and more peevish, until they have to teach him phenomenology to make him doubt his existence. And the film's apocalyptic ending, lifted almost wholly from Ray Bradbury's short story "Kaleidoscope" has the remaining crew drifting away from each other in space, each to a suitably absurd end. Absurd, surreal and very funny. John Carpenter once described Dark Star as "Waiting for Godot in space". Made at a cost of practically nothing, the film's effects are nevertheless impressive and, along with the number of ideas crammed into its 83 minutes, ought to shame makers of science fiction films costing hundreds of times more

This film was great, Dark Star is great too, and Silent Running.

If you like this film first watch the best which is 2001 : A Space Odyssey, then watch Silent Running, Dark Star, Outland and Saturn 3.

Thanks fishmaster will do.

Terrible film !!!!, why waste 90mins

I have no idea what all the hate for this movie, maybe the Transformers generation?

Great debut film from David Bowie's son!!!





I have no idea what all the hate for this movie, maybe the Transformers … I have no idea what all the hate for this movie, maybe the Transformers generation?

It's not hatred, it's not a terrible film but I found it obvious and a bit boring to be honest. I wouldn't watch it again. Where as I could watch 2001 Space Odyssey time and time again I still marvel at it to this day. Douglas Trumbell is a genius who created the special effects, all the computer animations for example in the film are not done with a computer but backlit rear projected animation, so he even imagined colour animated vector computer displays back in 1968. Computer graphics was very limited back then essentially just vector graphics. I really should stop waffling now lol.


I know there's geeks on here who like this sort of thing, here's what I'm illustrating >


The cockpit computer displays were hand animated, I don't think computer displays of that type of information had really been thought of in 1968 except by trumbull and his team, he used the same technique in the Andromeda Strain, I know there was Grail and Sketchpad in terms of vector graphics which look incredible from the 60s but they were design tools.

Anyway went off on a tangent there quite obviously!
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Watched the film last night. Glad I didn't see this thread before I watched it otherwise it would have spoiled it for me.

I enjoyed the movie. Don't think it was anything special, but it was original, well acted and had quite a decent plot.

If you like this film first watch the best which is 2001 : A Space … If you like this film first watch the best which is 2001 : A Space Odyssey, then watch Silent Running, Dark Star, Outland and Saturn 3.

I'd second that list. Silent Running made me cry my eyes out when I was a small kid. Watched it with my daughter quite a few years ago for only the second time and we both ended up with tears at the end. (Where's the embarrassed smiley gone!)

I'd add a film I bought last year from Tesco for a £1 called Moon 44. Not a bad little Sci-fi film with Michael Pare.

Fantastic film!

is there a list of what cinemas these vending machines are anywhere ?
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