Moon DVD Asda (instore only) £4.71

Moon DVD Asda (instore only) £4.71

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Sam Rockwell (Matchstick Men) stars in this thought-provoking science fiction film. After spending three years on the moon as a solitary miner, Sam Bell (Rockwell) is almost ready to return home to his wife and daughter. But as his homecoming approaches, he begins to experience strange things that can't be explained and his employer may have a sinister plan in mind for him. Moon is the directorial debut of commercial helmer Duncan Jones.

The DVD comes with two commentary soundtracks, with the audio button allowing viewers to cycle through the film without commentary, with a commentary from the writer and director, or with a commentary from the writer, director and producer.


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bought this afternoon in the Llansamlet branch

We got this in Asda, Barnsley and its fab.....worth a £5 of anyones money...

Gr8 deal Willber.
Cheapest I've seen for this thought provoking film!

great flick - saw it on the big screen, really good. even my non-sci-fi loving lover thought it was good.

An excellent film at an excellent price.

I'll definitely have to pick this up, although I'll try and get the Blu-Ray version. I love a good science-fiction film, and when it's not a generic, Star Wars-esque space opera, it's even better!

Will get this if its available locally! HOT!

Have been dying to see this film, no Asda near me, I'll wait till it gets cheaper everywhere, good deal.

Great film


Great film


FFS I'm sick of seeing this DVD posted, this is the 11th (?) time it's been listed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One of them hidden gems, A friend recommended I watch this, GREAT FILM!
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