Mordaunt Short Aviano 1 £169.90 Delivered @ Vickers Hi-Fi
Mordaunt Short Aviano 1 £169.90 Delivered @ Vickers Hi-Fi

Mordaunt Short Aviano 1 £169.90 Delivered @ Vickers Hi-Fi

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This is so cheap for these speakers, next best is £200.00 and what hi-fi 5 star.

I also have seen Mezzo1 for 189.00 delivered and mezzo 2 in light oak for 229.00 at another place.

Yes been looking to upgrade from my Wharfdale 9.1's

# Mordaunt Short Aviano 1
# Aviano 1 is a real powerhouse in miniature consuming minimal living space while delivering entertainment by the bucket-load.
# Its compact 5¼" driver communicates with incredible authority and integrates flawlessly with Mordaunt-Shorts highly detailed aluminium dome tweeter.
# Aviano is an amazing hi-fi and home theatre speaker series combining unprecedented levels of performance, refinement and value.
# 100% designed and engineered in the UK, Aviano scores instantly with a purposeful, muscular yet refined look and comes alive in any living space.
# Soft organic contours of the front profile combine with exquisitely finished cabinets in carefully chosen hues
# Available in Black, Dark Walnut & Rosewood


I've got the 9.1s same as you. Are these a noticable step up? FYI richersounds should price match this plus give you a fiver off the the price so possibility of getting 'em for £164.90

Let me know if you get em OP how much better than your 9.1s they are...what you going to do with your 9.1s? You selling?

Heat added

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Will be selling the 9.1's but seen the walnut mezzo 1's for 189.00 delivered, but they are refurb By mordaunt short, so they still have a full warranty. A bit stuck really,

I am stuck, I know what RS is like, they will say they can price match........ BUT !!! :-D

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Dont know who is voting cold, can you find better speakers for the price?

This is 30.00 cheaper than anywere else

I want I want I want......I don't have any money left :x

so you would need something like a 200watt rms 2 channel amp (100watts each channel) to power these speakers?

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Its up to...

I have a pioneer VSX819 and that powers diamond 9.1 and centre and mordaunt short alumni rear with ease, with a MA RSW12, Just watched avatar..... it pounds..

you dont want an amp that will blow your speakers, about 3/4 power is goo enough.

H&R from me!
Bargain and IMO the best sounding bookshelf speakers out there.
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