More American Gangster Free Preview Tickets
More American Gangster Free Preview Tickets

More American Gangster Free Preview Tickets

Preview code: 313952

For Tuesday 13 November at 6.30pm

Cinemas are:
Odeon Bath
Odeon Birmingham
Odeon Blackpool
Odeon Brighton
Odeon Cardiff Atlantic Wharf
Odeon Chatham
Odeon Derby
Odeon Dundee
Odeon Edinburgh Kinnaird Park
Odeon Epsom
Odeon Gateshead, Newcastle
Odeon Glasgow Quay
Odeon Greenwich
Odeon Panton Street
Odeon Leeds/Bradford
Odeon Liverpool City (London Road)
Odeon Milton Keynes The Point
Odeon Norwich
Odeon Kingston
Odeon Uxbridge

Got some myself so should be some left, good luck!


marvellous, saw the trailer last night, wanted to see it, so i'm off to edinburgh venue on 13th thanks.

None left in Odeon Greenwich or Odeon Panton Street :-(

All the London ones are gone already, but thank you ]chansk

Thank you. Managed to get 2.

Heat and rep left. :thumbsup:

voted hot
got 2 for Cardiff at last looking forward to this film, Saw lions to Lambs last night cinema about 75% full AGAIN EMPTY SEATS

thanks. did not get any but rep left

all the tickets for Bath are gone :-(

heat added

me neither, took too long realising where panton street was heat added

got 2 - voted hot. will be leaving the mobile phone at home to avoid the possibility of copyright bouncers. ;-)

Is Belfast ever covered by this?

Got mine - thanks to OP.

does anyone have any spare tickets for this screening?

or could possibly send me theres?

Any spare tickets for Glasgow. PLEEEZ!

Sucks, Odean Westbrook isn't even listed.


Is Belfast ever covered by this?

rarely which is sad!!

Watched this movie last night....


Nearly 3 hours long but its a great movie, true story too!!

Highly recommend people go and watch this!!

Voted hot for posting but, not in my area - really wanted to see this after watching the trailer the other night too. :-(

None for Odeon gateshead either

need more new codes

how can they all go so fast?

Glasgow full boohoo..

American Gangster - Free Screening Collation & NEW CODE!! … American Gangster - Free Screening Collation & NEW CODE!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ok, it's getting a bit lairy in here..! Chill all. Here's a collation of the American Gangster free codes plus a new one!850183760294381004809570781445 - New!Well, I think it's new as I finally managed to get two for Cardiff. Magic! The free screenings are taking place on Tuesday 13 November at 6.30pm at the following cinemas:Odeon BathOdeon BirminghamOdeon BlackpoolOdeon BrightonOdeon Cardiff Atlantic WharfOdeon ChathamOdeon DerbyOdeon DundeeOdeon Edinburgh Kinnaird ParkOdeon EpsomOdeon Gateshead, NewcastleOdeon Glasgow QuayOdeon GreenwichOdeon Panton StreetOdeon Leeds/BradfordOdeon Liverpool City (London Road)Odeon Milton Keynes The PointOdeon NorwichOdeon KingstonOdeon Uxbridge How To Get Your Free TicketsTo receive your pair just log onto [url]www.seefilmfirst.com[/url] and enter the reference code (see above), which will take you to a special page where you can print off your tickets to bring with you on the night. Remember it's first come first served so be quick to avoid missing out!

Respect and acknowledgement to ]MSE madjohn

Anyone know of any for bournemouth/poole area?


None for Odeon gateshead either

another code in "hot deal" see link

I got 2 tickets for Gatshead today:thumbsup:
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