More Call of Duty 4 BETA keys for Xbox 360
More Call of Duty 4 BETA keys for Xbox 360

More Call of Duty 4 BETA keys for Xbox 360

Eurogamer have just made an extra 13,000 multiplayer BETA keys available for the upcoming Call of Duty 4 on 360.

At the time of writing there were 12892 keys remaining for the giveaway.

You have to register with Eurogamer to get the key but they pretty much are the only place still giving them away.


Voted hot, trying to get one for ages


good stuff :thumbsup:

Just registered for mine, thanks!!

they never sent me the code so a cold from me.

Voted Hot, not received the final code from Activision yet, but no harm in trying.. thanks OP!

I'd get it from gamespot if you can do, they're much faster.

only one week left !!

this beta is amazing

What are these BETA keys about?

Voted Hot ... been looking to get a code for a while. At least it'll stop people getting banned for duplicating keys.

do you need a gold account? or is silver ok?


Voted hot, trying to get one for ages

you could have got one from when I posted a similar link before the beta started but my post got removed so im kinda wondering how this one has survived?


do you need a gold account? or is silver ok?


this beta is wicked, i detail in the maps is amazing, defo getting this game when it comes out

Took about 3-4 for me to get the code from charliedeltaoscar website....

just awaiting for my beta key to be approved.


cheers mate > been looking for these since i missed out on the BETA registration :thumbsup: heat + rep added

Cheers mate, been looking for one of these everywhere!

I got mine from Eurogamer first time, no problems.
It's an awesome game, and I normally hate deathmatch!
Level 15 Staff Sergeant!!
Hoo Hah

Get in there

What are these BETA keys about?

This beta key allows you to play Call Of Duty 4 on XBOX360 Live a month or so before the release date.

It's already in pretty good shape, this is going to be a big seller when it comes out. Usually these betas are to test server loads, and look for bugs that may have been missed by bug testers. It also acts as a cunning marketing ploy to get players buy-in before a game comes out. Sometimes betas can be horrible, but this one is rock solid - I'd say it was pretty much the complete product bar a few aesthetic changes.

The download is about 1GB and once you've got it, you can access it from your Windows marketplace Blade in the Demos and more section (I think).

Thanks applied for one !!

Best game Ive ever played.I suck at it tho so feel free to get on it and kill me !!!.:)

If it had vehicles, it might even give Halo 3 multiplayer a run for it's money, due to the 'real-world' setting.

That said, I will still be getting the PC version as opposed to the X360 version.

do they email you the code or do you have to log in to find it somewhere?


Tried 3 times now for one of these elusive codes , entered the activation codes but never got any reply from activision and everyones is harping on about how good the games is ...
Voted hot...

thanks for this, missed out last time....ill try my luck again
heat + rep left

anyone know how long they take to send u the code

hours, days?


Is it just me that thinks "Why bother"? It's a BETA, they're getting you to do their testing for free. Why not play some of the games you'll have paid for already and wait for the final release version? *scratches head*
Will someone cut my lawn for free for me if I describe it as a BETA cut?

I don't suppose anyone has a spare they can give me?

cheers gone for it

Nice one, cheers


Waiting now thanks:thumbsup:

It all ends of the 30th so 10 days worth left

i have become a member and joined thatsite, do they then automatically send this beta???

The 25 digit code can be registered on anyones tag or just one specific to that gamertag that signed up?

Hi all did anyone else get this email or am i just an unlucky girl?


Congratulations, you have successfully registered to participate in the UK and Ireland public multiplayer BETA for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

We are receiving huge demand from gamers in the UK and Ireland to participate. A title update is currently in progress which means BETA tokens for registrants in the UK and Ireland will start being sent out on Monday 10th September.

BETA tokens will be allocated on a first-come, first served basis and we will be back in touch as soon as we can to provide you with your unique BETA Token code.

In the meantime, we recommend you visit charlieoscardelta.com/bet…php and check out the info on the BETA game modes, weapons, classes and controls.

### The Infinity Ward Team ###

Nimm1033 thats what i got too.



It all ends of the 30th so 10 days worth left

Im sorry but that's false. Infinity ward (the developers) have yet to announce an end date to the beta. fourzerotwo (one of the project leads) has stated that they are still using information gathered by the beta to include into the final game. Microsoft certification and production will take around three weeks, then you are probably taking around the middle of october for the beta to end, but thats just hear say, like your date:-D

it does end on the 30th. i have insider information so get playing now !!
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