More free preview tickets to Knocked Up

More free preview tickets to Knocked Up

Found 10th Jul 2007Made hot 10th Jul 2007
thanks to newmommyjen on MSE.
Go to and use the code COSMO.

Choose your venue from the following Odeon Cinemas and then print out your ticket/request an sms ticket.

Screenings take place on 9th August at 6.00pm for 6.30pm start.

basingstroke * birmingham * blackpool * bouremouth * cardiff * covent garden * coventry * derby * dundee * edinburgh kinnaird park * gateshead * glasgow quay * greenwich * hatfield * hull * kilmarnock * kingston * lee valley * leeds-bradford * leicester * liverpool london rd * milton keynes * norwich * manchester printworks * sheffield * southampton * stroke-on-trent * swansea * telford * west thurrock

Enjoy the movie!


Voted hot, wanted to see this movie.

Many thanks for posting this up :]

Thanks, got some got glasgow.
Happy bunny!!

Got some tix for Glasgow as well, cheers!


voted hot, coz got tickets after ages./

Thanks AngelUndercover :thumbsup:
Got some for Norwich
Heat and rep left.

Thanks, got some for Swansea

:thumbsup: Thanks for the heads up.

thanx 4 the share, got mine !

i posted this on 6th july…ked

can someone tell me how a deal gets on main page - it was only my 2nd posting ...
*HUKD newbie

None in Leicester :-(

But fab find :thumbsup:

I never manage to get any for manchester

Voted hot as love cinema freebies - but, sadly not in my area

no tickets in our area, but voted hot

Have people been to any of these free screenings through this site before?

I've seen the odd movie from offers in The Guardian and the venue was a more independent cinema and the crowd behaved well. This one puts me off because its a branch of the Odeon chain and god knows what people would turn up.

The film itself is one I've been looking forward to seeing. If anyone is not aware of the tv series Freaks and Geeks from the same writor/director/creator do yourself a favor and check it out. ;-)

not a great film to be honest, its overrated on imdb.

no more than a 6/10 with a few giggles not as funny as some claim on imdb

Got some for Edinburgh. Thanks

damn cov is all sold out, will check in a few days time to see if there are any more tickets.

shame because i really fancied seeing this film

still deal voted HOT!

seems they're all full now!

got one for blackpool and colour photocopied the ticket with the coventry cinema name stuck over the blackpool one looks perfect!

full at MK

for the first time in blooming ages they were showing at hatfield, go on there and there were no tickets hoo!!

none in leeds..... what happened?

Damn it too late again...........

A SHOWING IN TELFORD A FIRST!!!!! im on holiday though

None left for Bournemouth.:x Voted hot though and registered for next time.:thumbsup:

"Unfortunately this screening is now full."



None left for Bournemouth.:x

I just this minute got myself two for Bournemouth using this code so perhaps try it again! :thumbsup:

Nice, got a couple for Basingstoke. Many thanks !

Looks like they've reissued some tickets. Got some for Lee valley. Thanks-rep added!

Just got some tickets for blackpool. Cheers OP.
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