More free samples of pet food!
More free samples of pet food!

More free samples of pet food!

Like any animal lover, we at Burgess Supafeeds know how important it is to ensure the health of your pets. We develop and produce top quality feeds that provide all the nourishment your pets need to remain in tiptop condition. So whether you have a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or another small animal, learn more about their nutritional needs and how choosing the right food can make all the difference.

Links to pages for dogs: cats: small animals.


I cant see anywhere to get a sample???

Yeah ive just clicked the link and found "request a sample"thought woohoo, but still, cant seem to find a way of getting a sample!

Managed to get other samples... think there just being akward!
Did you manage to order one?

Ive even looked at the other options and still cant find a way, do you have to call them?
I even tried joining there mailing list but still cant get it...

I've just emailed them under the header "contact us", told them that although it says request a sample, ther is no option to do so, so I've asked them to send me a sample. Just wait and see what happens

Thank god its not just me then LOL!

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No, I can' get the link to work again. Perhaps it is because I have ordered a sample through that link.

This is the original link to try from your PC:


with a choice of three other links for cats, dogs and small animals.

If it doesn't work they have pulled the plug :x but I only ordered about an hour ago. You could try tomorrow or emailing them wth a request as pinky has done.**

** Checked today: Friday 20th and they have removed 'free sample' from the list but you can add your email address to receive notification of special offers.

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The free samples request pages are back on this site.

(With thanks to the poster who reposted for notifying the change.)

Thanks for the heads up, just filled the form out for all of the available samples

Yes, thanks to foundation for reminding us about this one

I ordered mine no problems...thanks for putting it on

Sorry I thought this was for food made from pets, Chow mein from real Chow, Budgie Burgers, Hot dogs with horse radish

Thanks! Just ordered mine, well not for me, for the cat.:-D

Thanks - just ordered some for my dog!

Thanks very much for this just ordered some for my 2 rabbits, this is their normal food anyway and also some for a friends guinea pig :-D

Looks like they've removed it again as I just followed the links and there's nothing on there about free samples!

I can't see a link for free food either :0(

Oh well please tell us what you get.



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Yes, it looked like thay have run out of free samples again. Perhaps they renew the offer at the beginning of each month.

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The free sample section is back again.

Thanks for the info palspal
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