More free screenings of The Bank Job
More free screenings of The Bank Job

More free screenings of The Bank Job

Click on GO TO DEAL and use the code 195119.

Date: Tuesday 12th Feb @ 6.30pm

Venues: Cineworlds: Bristol * Yeovil * Ipswich * Milton Keynes * Crawley * Glasgow Renfrew St * Sheffield * Edinburgh * Hull * Enfield * West India Quay * Didsbury * St. Helens * Bouldon Tyne

Many thanks to happyshopper and hjb123 on MSE

Enjoy the movie!


Got two for Glasgow-thanks!

thanks, voted hot, not in my area though (as usual)

:thumbsup: Cheers got tickets for my mate in Yeovil

trailer looks good!!! ta OP!

I really wanna see this but no screenings in Cardiff here

Still a good deal so voted hot

brilliant voted hot hot hot thanks. need a night out
got x2 tickets for boldon tyne & wear

Great Find - Managed to get some for the area that I live in (usually there's none !)

worked for me thanks does anyone know of offers on frankie and bennys or chiquitos might as well make a night of it !!!!

im sooo chuffed just got tickets for ipswich- i cant normally get any either totally out or not in ipswich. heat added thanks x

how come these tickets go so quick? tried for a few another screenings even after 15mins of it being posted+still cant get any
how does folk know these screenings are coming?


one quick question.. heard it mentioned so many times.. but.. what's MSE??

great offer but not in my area

thanks kirill. rep added!
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