More free tickets for Elizabeth 25/10
More free tickets for Elizabeth 25/10

More free tickets for Elizabeth 25/10

Certificate 12A Consumer Advice

'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' tells the thrilling tale of an era - the story of one woman's crusade to control love, crush enemies and secure her position as a beloved icon of the western world. As Elizabeth's cousin Mary Stuart conspires with Philip of Spain to topple the throne, Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth's trusty advisor works tirelessly to protect her from the many plots and conspiracies against her. Preparing to go to war to defend her empire, Elizabeth struggles to balance royal duties with an unexpected vulnerability in her attraction to Raleigh.

Tickets are available at the following locations:

ODEON, Brighton
ODEON, Milton Keynes The Point
ODEON, Leeds/Bradford
ODEON, Portsmouth
ODEON, Derby
ODEON, Epsom
ODEON, Southend on Sea
ODEON, Cardiff Atlantic Wharf
ODEON, Leicester
ODEON, Wimbledon, London
ODEON, Greenwich
ODEON, Chatham
ODEON, Blackpool
ODEON, Liverpool City (London Road)
ODEON, Glasgow Quay
ODEON, Uxbridge
ODEON, Basingstoke
ODEON, Norwich
ODEON, Lee Valley, London
ODEON, Coventry
ODEON, Surrey Quays
ODEON, Gateshead, Newcastle
ODEON, Guildford
ODEON, Manchester Printworks
ODEON, Birmingham
ODEON, Sheffield
ODEON, Edinburgh Kinnaird Park
ODEON, Dundee

To request tickets simply go to seefilmfirst.com and enter code: 123956


My local one is full.

Saw this on Monday. It's a fairly good film. AGAIN, not the kind of thing I'd choose to watch, so surprisingly good. I'm saying that about all of the ones I see on SeeFilmFirst lol.

Couple of slightly gruesome moments. Nothing major but there were some fairly young kids in when I went to see it...

Thanks ]rd1701,

Saw this in cardiff last night after days of trying to get tickets with various codes. There was only about 30 people in total:roll:

fern I know its bloody annoying that some idiots go and reserve a load of tickets and then don't even bother turning up!

It was a good film thou and the one in Coventry last night was about 85% full

you would think if you print of a ticket and cant go GIVE IT TO SOMEONE ELSE:x
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