More Oasis tickets available @ See Tickets - Be quick!

More Oasis tickets available @ See Tickets - Be quick!

Found 24th Oct 2008
This site was impossible to get on this morning and all the dates for Oasis stadium tour were sold out. They must have been holding some back as there are now more available for all dates. Better hurry if you missed out earlier.


I got mine with no problems at all, first time from ticketmaster. Miles better than seetickets.

Sold out now it seems?

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I got mine with no problems at all, first time from ticketmaster. Miles … I got mine with no problems at all, first time from ticketmaster. Miles better than seetickets.

I tried ticketmaster but it just kept looping saying "Please wait 15 minutes" then went to sold out. I got some earlier from see tickets for the 12th at Wembley, but everyone else I know couldn't get any. Thought it may be useful for some, given the prices people are paying on eBay.

They still have tickest on TicketMaster sie for Wembley

just got some for manchester on the 4th - thanks op

Just booked for 9th Jul Wembly. Nice one :thumbsup:

Heat and rep added!

Ticketmaster were sold out by the time I finally got to the front of the call queue so I tried seetickets website.

Kept putting my details in & but every time I clicked on confirm I kept getting page cannot be displayed. Eventually gave up but then at around 16:40 I started getting confirmation emails & eventually ended up withh 16 sets of 4 tickets.

I've read on other sites & from people at work a lot of people had the same problem so as these extra tickets get cancelled & go back into the pool they should become available again.

wooho 2 tickets for heaton park

I have got 6 x 4 tickets due to problem of webpage as above....they are going to get them all back, as I managed to get through on a telephone to another agent..!! I have been trying deperately to get through to SEE to ask SEE to cancel before they try to claim money from bank !!! £1216.80 is quite a lot to claim at one point !!!! However we now know why and how people gain multiple tickets for concerts and then go and make a killing on e-bay..!!! YYou can buy 6 tickets on one credit card????? where do the other 18 come from then ???

Anyway has anybody managed to speak to anyone for SEE ???


same here had problems with website and ended up with six tickets, phoning bank tomorrow to stop payment,anyone else had probems are they a trustworthy firm???

Unfortunately my experience with seetickets is that their web site can't cope with the big sales. In addition they often just take orders for a number of tickets then allocate the seating later. Especially with large venues this is a recipe for disapointment, unless you like watching your fav band on TV screens as that's your only chance of seeing them if you are at the back.

Whilst I don't like ticketmaster much they currently have better online processing and tell you what seats you have been allocated. You can at least make an informed decision about if your hard earnt money should be spent.

Mind you I'm spoilt with gigs and like to be near the front. A good website to bookmark is ]theatremonkey. This gives a fair assesment of most London music and theatre venue seats and stops you buying duds.

For a teaser, take a look at my Oasis vid on ]youtube taken at Wembley recently (Arena not the stadium) much better to see bands in smaller venues.
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