More than 50% off @ The Clearance Sale @ savastore

More than 50% off @ The Clearance Sale @ savastore

Found 24th Jul 2006
Hi folks. Just got an email from savastore to notify me of this clearance offer. I like savastore, they frequently have great offers on. Hopefully someone will bag a bargain!

They have Nintendo DS, iPods, personal CD/mp3 players, hi fis, games, speakers, monitors and much more.

Click the "DEAL" button to have a browse and see what you can see!
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Some fantastic deals especially on iPod nanos! Good link!

bloody bargain that is.
Oh! You're welcome guys! Glad there were some bargains!
Are they just opened but new nanos?

Are they just opened but new nanos?

It looks like it greenfeld. Just check the description of each thing though. Some other items are listed as ex-display, some are listed with "no manuals" so they are telling us exactly why these items are on clearance.
Alot of products are listed as B Grade, but couldn't find a description what that meant.

One good deal is the Ipod Hi-Fi... selling for only about 140!
[SIZE=2]These must be similar to the Open box ones from Misco. I never had any problems with the Misco OB products and would expect the same here too. Savastore description is quite clear on what you can get on each item. [/SIZE]
the 4gb nano is a great price too
Is that a good price for a Nintendo DS? £53.99 I have been thinking about getting one for the hols but don't know alot about them?

[SIZE=2]doesn't b-grade items mean that it may be a returned item as well. if it's a nano, expect scratches[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]regarding the DS, make sure you know that you want the old DS, as this isn't the new DS-Lite (do a google to see the differences)[/SIZE]
The old DS is a bloody hulk. The Lite is stunning.
To say savastore are cowboys would be doing a diservice to cowboys!!
where do i begin!..well type in "savastore complaints" in to google and you'll get a fairly good idea of what a waste of time thses guys are
i would rather pay 50% more fo a product than ever buying of thses guys again!
they sell imported stock as UK spec, they never answer emails...i sent over a single response!!
Eventually i found some numberrs for them in a forum posting and by trail and error phoned several dept before i got to talk to someone about a return
The reurn in question was a laptop unopened and returned under distance selling regulations within 7 days for a full refund except they didn't want to give me my money back...took me 3 months of phoning , emailing etc till i evnetually threatened them with legal action....
PLEASE don't think this is a isolated incident as u can see from the mountains of complaints on google that these guys can't even spell customer service!!!!
buying from these lot is done at your own risk..u may get damaged stock, import stock ...and should u wish to return anything ..well be prepeared for some serious pain!! the hell these lot haven't been closed down is beyond belief!!
try ringing the customer service numbers....i gaurantee u don't get thru for 2 hrs on the premium rate number!!
Thanks for the feedback coolrider and your first post Shame it's a complaint though and that you had a bad experience with them
anyone now how long it takes for order comfirmation ordered a DS this morning still waiting for the comfirmation of the order.
I have to just put my oar in and say I've never had a problem with Watford (or Savastore as it is now). Everything I've ordered has been correct and pretty quick, except something not in stock (when it says 1-2 weeks don't bank on it). Even then, when I emailed I got a reply within a couple of days explaining the situation. Seeing as they don't charge until despatch it wasn't a problem (unlike Eclipse Computers who gave me a scare when they charged when the item wasn't in stock...).

Having said all of this, I've only ordered low-mid valued items, never something like a PC, but certainly around £150 on components.
I second that mr.velvet, past experience with them has been okay.
ordered yesterday where a little bit long on sending order comfirmation but the order arrived this morning.
That's good news the.capt.

Of course there are bad stories for any retailer, and some definitely have better customer services than others. It's up to the customers whether to buy or not, and hopefully they'll receive good service.
Just to say I ordered two 2gb white nanos from here. Very quick delivery - despatched same day, arrived next day even with standard delivery.

But... the condition of the two units couldnt have been more different. One has some minor cosmetic marks only on the BACK (silver) which I don't mind at all. The other has a completely scratched up front and even worse back, hold button is chipped and even crashed leaving the unit unresponsive to all buttons - couldnt reset it or turn it off.

Needless to say, I am returning the second unit as faulty. I'll let you know how the returns process turns out...

So depending on how you look at it, I was either lucky or unlucky ;-)
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