More Yes Peas Recipe book

More Yes Peas Recipe book

Found 28th Jan 2013
Don't know if this has been posted or not, BUT its a great book with loads of brill ideas!!!!!!

Our great recipe book is full of loads of recipes for every occasion and it is absolutely FREE if you have a UK postocode. Just fill in the form below, tick the box and we will post one you.

Please allow 28 days for delivery.


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I have got the older version of this book and its GREAT. It has some good ideas and recipes in.

i LOVE peas!

I agree. Give peas a chance.

Tried to get one - no acknowledge on pag or by email after I submitted. Will see if it comes

Thanks :-)


I received mine last day from the previous time it was posted and it's good.It's not a proper book but not a leaflet ,28 pages of recipies in total (curry,hummus dip,soup...).If you like peas go for it!

Peas release me, let me go.

For I
Don't love you anymore,..................... lol

For peas sake!

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Lol, Peas no more pea songs, or you will get me started!!!
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