Morecambe & Wise Movie Collection (3 discs) - £6.99

Morecambe & Wise Movie Collection (3 discs) - £6.99

Found 12th Jul 2006
Morecambe & Wise - Classics - What more can I say! This box set includes 3 of their movies, as detailed below. (Cheapest elsewhere is £11)

Details: The Intelligence Men: Eric and Ernie play bungling spies who attempt to infiltrate an enemy organisation to prevent the assassination of a Russian ballerina. What follows is a series of uproarious sideswipes at the spy films popular during the swinging Sixties and Eric and Ernie are as loveably incompetent as ever.

That Riviera Touch: Eric and Ernie play a pair of traffic wardens, setting off to the south of France in their vintage car after a run-in with royalty. Unluckily, a gang of thieves think that they would be the perfect cover for a smuggling operation! Meanwhile the duo are hitting the casinos with their eyes on the jackpot.

The Magnificent Two: Morecambe and Wise play a pair of travelling salesmen who set off to a South American banana republic. On arrival, Eric is mistaken for a rebel leader and forced, on pain of death, to pose as his doppelganger but when he has to make a speech on TV, his abductors get more than they bargained for.

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