Morelli's ice-cream £1.89 @ Tesco

Morelli's ice-cream £1.89 @ Tesco

Found 21st Dec 2017
Arguably the world best ice-cream!

Morelli's ice. Vanilla and honeycomb favour 750g. Anybody who's been to the North Coast of Ireland, and didn't tried Morelli's ice cream missed out on one of the high lights.

Seen these in my local Tesco in Lurgan, usual price £3.50, sometimes 3 quid!

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy ice-cream which is more or less the same thing!
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Arguably the world best ice-cream!

says who?
Prob NI Specific, but heat anyways!
teame.trevski25 m ago

Arguably the world best ice-cream!says who?

Ice cream experts. Like me
Rossi's is better
Mackies is the best.
Ahhh Portstewart in a tub, whats not to love
North Coast Of Northern Ireland*
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