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Free smoke alarm from More Than
Found 6th Dec 2016Found 6th Dec 2016
Free smoke alarm from More Than
Keep safe this Christmas With Christmas just around the corner it's the ideal time to test your smoke alarms - plus, we're giving away free smoke alarms to 100 customers on a fir… Read more
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Also a surprising number of people don't realise that smoke detectors expire. Usually around 10 years. We bought our house in 2015 and when I took one of the detectors off the wall it said it had expired in 2010.


have a look at the hottest deal of the day today, "bankrupt the NHS" the smoke alarm is the same, when they are so cheap buy your own. Tea lights aren't my comment :)


or they just really don't want people to die in the unfortunate event of a fire, next time I'm working at a fire station I'll ask. *edit* don't use tea lights? Why ever not?


this is the link, but probably all gone


Can never be too safe!

Up to 20% off More Than insurance for driving 200 miles with app
Found 18th Oct 2014Found 18th Oct 2014
Up to 20% off More Than insurance for driving 200 miles with app
MoreThan Drive So I was going through the usual annual rigmarole of insurance renewal and MoreThan came out with the best quo… Read more

Not tried it yet. Only just downloaded the app.


That's really handy to know if they ever come up with a reasonable quote for me in the first place I will definitely look into it - for me they wanted three times as much to begin with though oO How much did you save with it?


I don't know what that means - the link is literally just to the More Than site that has the details on the app - entered exactly as you see it at the top of the description. If you know how I can make the link work I'm happy to change it.


I have spent some time posting something up that saved me money to try and benefit other people - it's really sad that all you have to contribute is sarcastic comments on my grammar.


Looks like Aviva are doing the same. And their app is easier to find.

POSSIBLE Free Travel Insurance -Cheap Single Trip cover from only £7.76 @ More than (£20 Cashback via Quidco from MoreThan)
Found 24th May 2012Found 24th May 2012
POSSIBLE Free Travel Insurance -Cheap Single Trip cover from only £7.76 @ More than (£20 Cashback via Quidco from MoreThan)
I'm trying get travel insurance for myself and stumble upon this possible deal. £20 cashback on insurance via Quidco if purchased from MoreThan. The T&C dose not state whether … Read more
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Well, as I said if you need the insurance it's worth having a go... not a lot to lose.


I'm having issues with Morethan pet insurance and Quido. Currently waiting for a call back from them as my pet insurance cashback of £35 for the dog has been declined by them for no reason. The cats went through with no issues.... strange!


it does clearly state on Quidco "Travel insurance from £7.76 + £20 cashback"


Cashback is never guaranteed. I sued MOreThan recently for HomeInsurance thru TCB. TRacked @£40 or so until coming to payment then dropped to £0.00. Insurance was taken and paid for in full! Been waiting months now and they haven't even responded.


awesome find but more of a heads up than a deal given it's not a guarntee :)

Cat Pet Insurance £70.20 or £86.28 for the year + £50 cashback @ Morethan
Found 10th Aug 2011Found 10th Aug 2011
Cat Pet Insurance £70.20 or £86.28 for the year + £50 cashback @ Morethan
Have been looking for pet insurance and providing the cashback works using TOPCASHBACK ( £50.50 cashback - ONLY until 14th Aug 2011) then they are a bargain compared to other polic… Read more
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Asda is 3 times the price. The excess is £65. My cat is under 9.


Sorry, you are right, I was applying a £75 excess in my calculations (that's the excess of the cheaper policy).


you need to check the policy summary under what you pay towards the cost, cats under 9 you pay £50 excess plus 10% of the cost and as markshopper and doublekite quiet rightly pointed out cats over 9 you pay £50 excess then 20% of the bill. I would cancel and go with someone like asda who don't try to rob you like this and offer better cover for the money.


Oops sorreeee didn't know :(


Surely £100 bill - £50 excess = £50. Less 20% of £100 (£20) = £30. So you would get £30 not £5?

Free discounts for Morethan customers
Found 13th Dec 2010Found 13th Dec 2010
Free discounts for Morethan customers
Welcome to MORE 4MEWith MORE 4ME, as a customer you can: Save money with vouchers for leading high street shops > Pick up a great mobile phone deal > Save time with a combin… Read more

so should a free voucher code for 40% be in freebies ?


thank you


No but as the title says FREE discounts for More Than customers


Not a freebie


More Th>n 25% off home insurance premium PLUS £75 Quidco
Found 19th Jun 2009Found 19th Jun 2009
More Th>n 25% off home insurance premium PLUS £75 Quidco
Get FREE contents cover in the home up to a whopping £75,000 when you buy buildings insurance, for the life of your policy so long as you dont make a claim, plus enjoy a superb 25%… Read more
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Checked Quidco- its "scheduled" for payment this month. Lets see- am hoping to put it towards a new plastic shed!


Me too! If they don't pay me the car insurance cashback (from January) by the end of this month, I'm not going to even bother to get a house insurance quote from More Than.


Don't forget to buy contents ad buildings separately for two lots of cashback - I found ASDA with 49.50 cashback very reasonable for each.


Me too


you cant guarantee quidco. as others have said,more than is expensive.i went for sainburys had £30 gift vouchers and hopefully £30 cashback for my £140 policy.also interest free monthly payments

Discounts for More Th>N Customers : 10% discount @ TheHut | 10% discount on Gift vouchers @ Halfords | 15% off @ Thorntons | 10% off @ H.Samuel & more..
Found 15th Jun 2009Found 15th Jun 2009
Discounts for More Th>N Customers : 10% discount @ TheHut | 10% discount on Gift vouchers @ Halfords | 15% off @ Thorntons | 10% off @ H.Samuel & more..
Some of these have been around for sometime but more shops are now added including 10% discount on Gift Vouchers @ Halfords. All offers available only for More Th>N customers. … Read more

Offer is still running and its linked on the main site with the more4me logo. Can't seem to login though, does anyone know if its just not working at the moment or do you need to have you policy setup to access it. Was interested in seeing what the Jessops discounts are.


Has this expired ?. link does work and cannot find the link on their website.


Took a small knock to the back of my car, took nearly 10 months to sort it out through More Than! Much of the blame was down to the incompetence of the garage used, but if Morethan hadn't insisted I use them and went with someone else, I might have got my car back after a few weeks! Also know 2 other people that were with More Than and had a lot of issues communicating with the Indian call centre staff. One girl didn't know what part of the car the boot was!


Yep, i got £75 back thru Quidco and saved over £130 on my car insurance, cant go wrong!!!


Why,i have claimed with them in the past and they have been fine.I then moved to an other providor but went back to more than as they came up cheapest again and didn't hesitate to

More Th>n Van Insurance Deal
Found 8th Mar 2009Found 8th Mar 2009
More Th>n Van Insurance Deal
£50 FREE Fuel Card With Van Insurance Plus £85 Quidco. Go through Quidco link will take you directly to Voucher/Get your Quote page. Seem quite competative with the above is a real… Read more
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I would never go near More Than again. We claimed on a policy and evenually only got payment after contacting the Insurance Ombudsman which revealed More Than chose to ignore us - then deny they had done so. It was in a flat we rent out - and the discounts we had to give the tenants exceeded the compensation the insurers had to pay. The are now ignoring this claim. Dont go there. COLD


The car policies I took out were new policies this year, and the price was good possibly because I also have house policy with them. Have you tried the comparison sites ie; Money supermarket . com,:)


Did morethan offer you a good renew price for your car insurance? Or you need to call them to fight for a better price??


I have two car policies with more than and thier OK, because of this I could not get Quidco. But my van policy I got a little while ago with Commercial Vehicle Direct Ins Services, & found them very competitive and they will give me a suitable van in the event of an accident:thumbsup: Heat added

MoreThan Annual Travel Insurance from £30.45. Possible £18 Quidco
Found 7th Mar 2009Found 7th Mar 2009
MoreThan Annual Travel Insurance from £30.45. Possible £18 Quidco
Travel Insurance: Annual cover from as little as £30.45. Quidco Cashback - £18 for annual travel insurance policy. Don't forget to click through Quidco. I've just posted direct l… Read more
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very very poor, just had egg renewal notice £39.00 for 4 of us worldwide annual cover morethan want between £121 to £149 for the same cover know why they are called more than now, more than everyone else voted very cold


Yes moneysupermarket has a lot of worldwide policies around £25 - £30 with the same or more cover. Thanks Daniel


have not checked on the comment above, but as a quick guide money supermarket threw up a few quotes: worldwide (incl USA and Canada) from as little as 25.48 cant comment on whether any of these companys are any good, or levels of cover, so have not voted eitherway :)


Such as?


Their 'Economy' annual travel insurance for Worldwide cover is £71.33. Even after the Quidco, this is a LOT more expensive than other companies with similar (or more) cover. :( Daniel

25% off plus FREE £75,000 contents cover for life with More Th>n buildings insurance (+ £75 Quidco too)
Found 20th Feb 2009Found 20th Feb 2009
25% off plus FREE £75,000 contents cover for life with More Th>n buildings insurance (+ £75 Quidco too)
Found this cracking deal yesterday. It's difficult to beat, because you get very decent contents cover for free with your buildings cover - and the buildings cover works out very … Read more

Delighted it helped some people - I was beginning to regret posting it! ;-)


Was £20 more than my renewal quote for Home insurance from Direct Line so the £75 Quidco makes it a swet deal for me! HOT Just had my insurance renewed by Direct Line to match the price I would have got from More Than with the Quidco cashback!! well chuffed


Both my house insurance and car insurance renewals were similar to MoreThan and were the cheapest within £25 via comparison web sites. So for me, the deal was worth £100 over two policies and I am due to receive the first payment this month from Quidco. [COLOR="Red"]HOT HOT HOT [/COLOR](for me)!


Sorry not true, my rebuilding costs were for the max amount and with the 75K contents cover i was quoted £190 more!!!


need a quote, they were £400, sheilas wheels with better cover works out at £160, thanks for the post, it doesnt work out cheaper for me but im sure it may for others.

Free single trip euro travel insurance from more than (£10 quidco cashback on £8.93 policy!)
Found 18th Feb 2009Found 18th Feb 2009
Free single trip euro travel insurance from more than (£10 quidco cashback on £8.93 policy!)
I just got travel cover for a trip to Bruges for £8.93 from MORE TH>N. This is the most basic policy, but covers my needs for this short trip. They pay £10 quidco cashback thoug… Read more
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Almost all of the clinics that treat tourists in Spain and in Cyprus are PRIVATE and very expensive,especially in places like Canaries, Madrid, Barcelona,Benidorm and Malaga.....EHIC rarely can be used except in Madrid or major inland cities whereas most tourists are in "Costas". Thus MORE THAN have two rates - one INCLUDES Spain and Cyprus, the other is for cover EXCLUDING these countries. Medical Claims costs from such as ITALY and FRANCE are LOW since EHIC usually accepted : Also remember that "Spain" includes Canary Islands so for example an air ambulance from say Tenerife or indeed from Larnaca in Cyprus would cost about 18,000 pounds. . That said many other insurers would NOT charge a different rate for these two countries; looks as if it is an UNDERWRITING decision based on their claims experience... This deal is "very good" mainly because of the QUIDCO offer as o/p says. Short Trip or Annual cover at these rates or better freely available through numerous online brokers and from travel insurers directly....some of which also include QUIDCO and./or online discounts..


Its quite normal to exclude spain on a basic policy - you normally have to pay slightly more


Quoted me just shy of £13. I'm going away for 4 nights in Prague next month on a stag do so some insurance might be useful. I assume Prague is not excluded?.....


Thank you - I will try this.


After More Than agreed to make a payment on a policy they then just sat on it - and eventually they only paid when the FSA were brought in. They like taking the money - but even after they agree they will pay a claim - they dont like paying it.

FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE BREAKDOWN COVER - With any car Insurance quote taken out.
Found 20th Jan 2007Found 20th Jan 2007
FREE ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE BREAKDOWN COVER - With any car Insurance quote taken out.
Buy online from MORE TH>N and enjoy a fantastic 15% discount and youll get FREE Roadside Assistance breakdown cover automatically. If you upgrade youll enjoy a 50% discount on o… Read more

£40 QUIDCO TOO !!!.....tadaaaaaaa


Several car insurers do this now - certainly Zurich do, plus they give £80 Quidco cashback as well.


I'll get a quote and then vote. FULL breakdown cover can be as little as £32.00 if you look around, so maybe this ain't so 'hot'. I'll be back.:)


Dont understand why the cold response??:?: