MoreTvicar Xmas Sale - up to 50% off
MoreTvicar Xmas Sale - up to 50% off

MoreTvicar Xmas Sale - up to 50% off

T-shirt and clothing website MoreTvicar have just started their Christmas sale. I've been looking for a couple of t-shirts and the one's I've had my eye on have just been reduced to £10-15. Baragin! Unlike most sales, this one still has lots of sizes to choose from!

Plus spend over £40 and get free deliviery.

A great site to go to for unique, stylish t-shirts you won't see elsewhere. They also do a nice line in babies and children's t-shirts.

Well worth a look.


dont think so

Original Poster

Horses for courses.

Hmmm... my first reaction was "what a shile of pite"... but as you said, "horses for courses" (or "coarses" looking at some of the slogans).

Granted they have reduced their prices (so I believe; as I did not visit prior to your listing) so there is a "deal" here... it is just hard to qualify if it is "hot", or not, or whether there are any "bargains" as such, as I have not seen the same clothing for sale elsewhere to compare prices.


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