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Lenovo Thinkstation C20 Tower PC DUAL Quad Core Xeon E5620 2.4GHz 12GB 2TB NVidia NVS 300 Windows 7 Pro Refurbished / Grade A1 £279.95 @ Morgan computers with code
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Lenovo Thinkstation C20 Tower PC DUAL Quad Core Xeon E5620 2.4GHz 12GB 2TB NVidia NVS 300 Windows 7 Pro Refurbished / Grade A1 £279.95 @ Morgan computers with code
Lenovo Thinkstation C20 Tower PC DUAL Quad Core Xeon E5620 2.4GHz 12GB 2TB NVidia NVS 300 Windows 7 Pro (Refurbished / Grade A1) @ £274.96 ext £274.96 1 x Special Discount OFF Thi… Read more

I'm a stock trader, so I just want to display several websites and use Excel.


Other than needing to connect 4 monitors what will you need your pc to do?


I need a PC to run 4 monitors but dont have a clue where to start. Can anyone point me in the direction of a PC I can hook 4 monitors up to?


This is an old workstation not a server. That means it was originally intended to sit on someone's desk so it should be... hmm... not quiet as such, but someone will have at least considered noise while designing the thing.


hmmm not really sure if I'd rather put the money towards something newer like an i3 or i5 desktop that would probably be more economical to run and quieter (I assume) - the Xeon E5620 seems to be similar, or slightly lower performer than an i7 3370k so benchmarks suggest.

Pebble Time Smartwatch brand new £55.94 delivered from Morgan Computers
Found 29th Oct 2017Found 29th Oct 2017
Pebble Time Smartwatch brand new £55.94 delivered from Morgan Computers
This is an excellent price for a very accomplished piece of kit. Plays very nicely with iOS too :)
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Since Fitbit basically killed these, I'm tempted to stockpile a few for when my current one dies. They're a very good, cheap, smartwatch. One company who nails the smartwatch concept, gets killed by the fitness tracker company whose stuff is multiple times the cost with features not everyone wants. Typical.


I just got a one from Cex only 35 delivered but obviously second hand. Great watch.


True, but they have made it open source and there is a good community Got mine the last time it was cheap on Amazon (about two months ago) and have really got a lot of use out of it. Battery life is a solid 3-4 days, doesn't require much fuss. Previously I was very unconvinced by the whole idea of a smart watch but the key thing for me is I use my phone a lot less because of it which is great. Would go for an Apple Watch next time, but for now and at this price it's a great way in to the world of smart watches if you aren't too sure and don't want to lay out a fortune for one of the Apple or Sony one's.


I'll agree with this for the reason that I bought a printer off them and my card details were shared for buying mobile top ups. Others on that deal also had the same, never again. I even phoned them and the guy I spoke to admitted there had been some security problems.


I bought one of these a few months ago when they were a similar price on Amazon... I’ve had zero issues with any functionality that doomsayers proclaimed due to the Fitbit acquisition. I love the watch, functionality is a great balance, doesn’t try to do too much, and the e-ink display is perfect imo, always readable, and battery life for a week! Hot.

Wikipad 7" Gaming Tablet & Controller NVIDIA Quad Core £49.95 / £55.94 delivered @ Morgans computers
Found 18th Sep 2017Found 18th Sep 2017
Wikipad 7" Gaming Tablet & Controller NVIDIA Quad Core £49.95 / £55.94 delivered @ Morgans computers
Wikipad 7 - the ultimate portable gaming and entertainment system. Unleash your favourite Android, Playstation Mobile & PC games, movies, music and more. The lightweight, in… Read more
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I bought one a few years ago but never really used it for emulators/gaming much. It would mainly come into its own for gaming whilst travelling/on holiday (more comfortable gaming on PC /TV at home) but the battery drains quickly when gaming or watching video and it gets worryingly hot so it's not much use. I suppose having to stop gaming to charge it after an hour or two could be seen as a good thing though, as we all do tend to overdo it and neglect to take breaks!


had mine quite a few years, awesome for retro upto PS1, plus nvidia chipset although old still works very well, shame its stuck at 4.2.2. Android. Good battery life too. Also good for streaming as mentioned


Not powerful enough for much on it's own now, but fantastic for streaming games from a PC to if you have Steam and an NVidia card via the Moonlight Gamestreaming app from Google Play. :) I clock up serious hours on it this way.


That's the guys


I have one (gathering dust) and thats a fair evaluation actually. It's good for SNES and earlier, workable for PS1 but poor and anything newer. I originally bought it (for much less than this) to Remote Play my PS4 but the wifi performance is pretty bad so the experience is laggy. It'll play some native Android 3D games but not demanding ones. I don't reckon it's good value these days - you're effectively paying over the odds for a limited and aged controller / tablet combo when there are other options these days like the iPega 9023 (or any other) Bluetooth controller. If you don't need a tablet / phone clasp, Game have a great Bluetooth controller for £8: And if you don't already have an Android tablet /phone, they have a decent ATV (with emulators but still won't be great for Dreamcast) / gamepad combo for £20: If you already have a PS4 gamepad, you can simply attach your phone to it for a few quid:,ps4)+phone+holder&_sop=15

Toshiba Satellite C40 14" Dual Core Intel Laptop (A1 Refurb) only £159.95 delivered (with discount code) @ Morgan Computers
Found 23rd Jun 2017Found 23rd Jun 2017
Use code : morg10 at checkout for discount to apply. Hardly going to set the world alight with basic specs, but similar processor/screen models retail for around the £230 mark,… Read more



Oh and by the way, with regards to the 'last word' of course I am going to comment if I do not agree about deliberately interrupting the thread, I posted a comment, one you and your sidekick chose to jump on and heckle.


Oh dear...shall we try and engage your brain.... I offered advice after doing some research, now whether you choose to like that advice or not is entirely up to you, a number of people found that advice useful and liked the comment. You in your infinite wisdom along with your sidekick chose to heckle me about this advice, asking for I did. As I have said before damned if you do, damned if you don't. Like any reviews, you have to weigh up both the good and bad, the bad reviews for any item tend to come from those that have bought and used an item for a is natural for any of us to change our opinion on something over time, so many a positive review on Argos is after someone has just bought something, including the dense individuals that don't know their pleather from their leather and their metal sprayed plastic from metal. The bad reviews clearly are from the ones that have had the chair break or become uncomfortable in no time at all. Now naturally with a chair built like a cheap sofa but with the disadvantage of balancing on a dodgy fulcrum point there is a recipe for disaster. It is not rocket science that such a cheap, badly ergonomic chair is not going to last or offer long lasting comfort. Now the real reason you keep heckling me is you know it was a crap decision. Not my problem, deal with it or take it back to Argos and get something better, you know...something that offers some structure of support....something with a metal framed base, something that replacement parts can be obtained easily and something that is serviceable.


You deliberately tried to disrupt the thread by posting certain comments and photos, hence you were trolling that thread. And given you're a Type 2 troll - "and they're always determined to have the last word"...will you follow predicted form and "have the last word" here....


Wow...attempting to psycho analyse me......let me do the same in return, fascinating stuff...I would say you are a type 01 and type 04. I would say that it was more referring to personality types, after all the opening paragraph on Lifewire states the following : An Internet troll is a member of an online social community who deliberately tries to disrupt, attack, offend or generally cause trouble within the community by posting certain comments, photos, videos, GIFs or some other form of online content. Considering I post factual/useful information then that is not true.

BT Simpler Networks 200Mbps Mains AC Passthrough Powerline Adapter Kit £17.45 delivered @ Morgan Computers with code
Found 6th Jan 2017Found 6th Jan 2017
BT Simpler Networks 200Mbps Mains AC Passthrough Powerline Adapter Kit £17.45 delivered @ Morgan Computers with code
Just had a BT youview box so looking around for powerline connectors as router is in another room and these were the best deal that I could find, cheaper than second hand ones on e… Read more

Thanks for that snippet of information, you just saved me a small fortune, l`ve` been looking for a Powerline Adapter, after switching to BT last year, again from This Deal Always missing the £20 odds deal, and balk paying £40 odds, will rather leave cables trailing.;) This morning, looking through, saw the OP post, thought that`s cheap why cold? Into comments to find out why, saw your comment, and presto onto chat, Powerline Adapter on it`s way, like you said 2-3 days. Thank you so much.:3


​I tried looking myself, other than old business accounts and discounts I couldn't buy cheaper as a normal buyer.. good find


it's definitely not a cold deal, if u can't get free from BT try looking in currys etc cost a fortune. should be way hotter


jamieww -many thanks for this info regarding BT! Just called and ordered FOC!


Bought a set of these before Xmas for ~£15 on another deal and they've been great. No idea why this is getting cold votes.

Swann DIY 6 Camera dummy CCTV Theft Prevention kit £24.95 (4.99 Delivery) Morgancomputers
Found 4th Jan 2017Found 4th Jan 2017
Swann DIY 6 Camera dummy CCTV Theft Prevention kit £24.95 (4.99 Delivery) Morgancomputers
Currently £39.99 @ Maplins. Top quality dummies (_;) great for those with vast acres of land who can not necessarily fit real cameras everywhere.
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Viglen Connect 8" Quad Core 1.33GHz Tablet PC 1GB 32GB Windows 10 Includes Microsoft Office Apps £69.95 (£6.99 delivery) at Morgan Computers -
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Viglen Connect 8" Quad Core 1.33GHz Tablet PC 1GB 32GB Windows 10 Includes Microsoft Office Apps £69.95 (£6.99 delivery) at Morgan Computers -
Very decent tablet with good software. I will probably pick this up for my mum who doesn't know how to use computers but she's okay with touch screen phones so seems like a good wa… Read more
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Got one of these recently, slow and really only suitable for occasional web browsing when on a train or Wi-Fi hotspot, battery non-replaceable so a throwaway job when starts to refuse charges, ok for £39.




Thanks for the insight Mike :)


lol, it's ironic that the current W10 OS is probably the best Windows at dealing with memory, since the time of the 16 bit windows versions (and then only because they couldn't address it and 1GB wasn't affordable anyway. If you've only got solid state storage, windows can manage quite well in 1GB, the problems occur because 32GB storage is limited and the CPU is limited, but for a browsing device and media playback, it should be fine. mike



Homedics Sensatouch SBM-660H Shiatsu Massage Chair with Heat £89.95 morgancomputers
Found 20th Dec 2016Found 20th Dec 2016
Homedics Sensatouch SBM-660H Shiatsu Massage Chair with Heat £89.95 morgancomputers
CHEAPEST I CAN FIND ONLINE! I have an earlier model which is great so I can only assume this one is better. HoMedics Sensatouch 2in1 Shiatsu Massage Chair Cushion with Heat In… Read more
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still the cheapest I can find. Thanks


96.94 with vat and delivery, still a good price.


I feel your pain. You can also reposition this for the legs for a proper full body.


With my job and my regular work in the garden I have constant backache so took a punt on this. Hope it eases the old aches and pains a little. Thanks for the heads up.


Nothing like the 660H, the cheapest one on homedics site is SBM-380H-GB and that's far inferior to the 660H. Thanks for sharing the info though, I saw something on homedics the wife might like.

HP Elitebook 8570W i7 Quad Core 2.6GHz 20GB RAM 500GB Sata HDD 2GB Nvidia Quadro DVD-RW Win 7 Pro Grade A1 Refurbished £606.94 delivered @ Morgans
Found 4th Oct 2016Found 4th Oct 2016
HP Elitebook 8570W i7 Quad Core 2.6GHz 20GB RAM 500GB Sata HDD 2GB Nvidia Quadro DVD-RW Win 7 Pro Grade A1 Refurbished £606.94 delivered @ Morgans
I've been looking for a good spec hard wearing workstation laptop but they don't come cheap. Had my eye on this for a while and for £600 it's seems a great deal for the money. Ok i… Read more
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Ordered, thanks!


Saw this in Morgan's email. Not voting either way, but think it's a lot of money for pretty old technology. To put it in perspective, I purchased a Dell 7559 with 4K touchscreen, i7-6700HQ, 1TB HDD, 128GB SSD and 4GB Nvidia GT960M, illuminated keyboard, Win 10 Pro, with 3 years next business day on-site, certified refurbished (but new) for £619 quite recently. OK, without a time machine, we can't go back to past deals, but we can sure look out for them in the future.


£606 for a refurbished. No thanks.


8570W!! Quite high wattage for a laptop oO I'll get me coat...


I'm not convinced that this is a great deal. A Quadro K1000M is quite old and not even as fast as a GTX 950M and the Core I7 is only 3rd generation, even though it is quad core. Do they replace the HDD on a refurb or just scrub it? If it's just scrubbed then we've no idea how much use it has had. That would make it a bad deal as I wouldn't want to take on a used 3 year old HDD. Even if it has been replaced, I'd say it was marginal. I don't really know who this will appeal to. It's not a gaming machine with that graphics card and it's over-specced and over-priced for a basic office/internet laptop. It's also quite heavy. It's not cold for the spec at the price, but I can't quite bring myself to vote hot either.

2 Way UK Socket and 2A USB Charging Faceplate £4.99 @ Morgan Computers
Found 29th Sep 2016Found 29th Sep 2016
2 Way UK Socket and 2A USB Charging Faceplate £4.99 @ Morgan Computers
2 Way UK Socket and 2A USB Charging Faceplate • Two way UK switchable mains sockets with two inbuilt 2A USB ports • 13A 230V AC, earthed UK sockets • Dimensions: (W)145mm x (H)8… Read more
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that's supposed to be at Maplin, not Morgan Computers. this is completely messed up


Missing a digit, I think someone needs to go to Specsavers ;)


hmm thought it was to good to be correct price


Coming up as £14.95


Tablet for the Kids? Refurb Hipstreet Pilot 10" Quad Core 1.3GHz 4GB Tablet 1GB Android 5.0 £39.95 morgancomputers
Found 8th Sep 2016Found 8th Sep 2016
Tablet for the Kids? Refurb Hipstreet Pilot 10" Quad Core 1.3GHz 4GB Tablet 1GB Android 5.0 £39.95 morgancomputers
Refurbished A1. Screen Size 10" £45 incl. delivery. Only Storage Capacity 4GB but microSD (up to 32GB)for extras. Operating System Android 5.0 Lollipop Battery Life Up to 12 ho… Read more
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4.4 kit-kat on one of my tablets where moving apps to my SD card works a treat, upgraded a lollipop 5 on another tablet where similar moving worked a treat and recently upgraded it to marshmallow where again works fine. But I do acknowledge not all apps survive a move from main storage to SD Card. I know its a cheap tablet and it would be wrong to expect it to perform as one costing between 5 and 10 times as much - yes you get what you pay for but as long as it is not abused it should last for about 3 years and if it doesn't the Consumer Rights Act will come to the rescue.


Are you on Android 5??


all my added apps work perfectly fine from an SD card


I think we all know 4GB is basically useless in 2016. Even 8GB is limited, but the bare minimum.


I did not realise baby goats used tablets or lived so long, or had kids of their own. ;)

Morgan Computers Apple MacBook MC516 2.5GHz Core2Duo 4GB 250GB Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite
Found 19th May 2016Found 19th May 2016
Morgan Computers Apple MacBook MC516 2.5GHz Core2Duo 4GB 250GB Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite
Full details on the Morgan Computers website but here's a snapshot: **GRADE A2 with 3 Months Warranty*** Model - MC516 Screen Size - 13" Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz RAM… Read more

He's got one so he's probably right! Even the Mid 2009 I have says can only support 4 but you can actually add 6 (it is DDR2 though). My 2012 Macbook Pro none retina says 8GB max on Apple website but it is running on 16GB as I type on it! Just to confirm though it is DDR3 and 16GB:-


Positive about the RAM :) definitely DDR3


The official limit was 4GB if you believe apple. This was increased to 8GB around the Snow Leopard/Lion days if I remember rightly, but one of the newer OS version after that then started allowing 16GB providing you have the latest EFI update from Apple. You can even stick in higher speed RAM in one of the bay's, but at least one stick needs to be PC3-8500 for it to boot, otherwise you'll just be met with a series of beeps when attempting to POST


Definitely DDR3.... PC3-8500 / 1066Mhz


Upgrade to 8GB only, not 16GB.

HP Elite 8200 Refurb Tower PC i5-2400 3.1Ghz Quad Core 4GB RAM 250GB Win 7 Pro £229.95 - £6.99 del @ Morgan Computers
Found 28th Mar 2016Found 28th Mar 2016
HP Elite 8200 Refurb Tower PC i5-2400 3.1Ghz Quad Core 4GB RAM 250GB Win 7 Pro £229.95 - £6.99 del @ Morgan Computers
After several posts of desktops on here I thought this looked good value from Morgan for an i5 . Don,t know what wattage the power supply is though. Intel Core i5 (2400) 3.10G… Read more
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Exactly and there is nothing wrong at all with the CPU, specifically it's the 2011 integrated HD Graphics 2000 and dated sub system spec that bother me, that to bring it faintly up to date with a cheap graphics card for HD video work, if that matters to the customer of course, and/or perhaps a larger HD, a USB 3.0 card, a wifi card, etc, the appeal at that price wains further, perhaps. £150 seems closer to the mark, as far as I can see.


You are missing passmark scores of nearly 6000. It may be old , but its definately not slow. Show me PCs this fast that are cheaper. That said, the price should be closer to £150 - they often are from refurbishers selling on Ebay.


I don't know how old the PC is but the CPU came out in the first quarter of 2011, HD Graphics 2000, what's the appeal, is there a big software bundle, what am I missing here?


Be aware you can't easily upgrade the power supply on these ( its a 320w in the tower case versions) . They use a non-standard design. The motherboard has a non standard power plug arrangement, so also can't be changed. So if you want to upgrade the graphics card you are limited to PCI-E powered cards only. The GTX 750TI is about the fastest you can fit. These go for around £150 on Ebay . Often cheaper if you go for the smaller form cases - these have lower rated power supplies though.. The 8300 model also has the same non-standard power supply and motherboard arrangement, so don't go for this thinking its any better for a cheap gaming PC. The HP pro3500 does have a standard power supply and motherboard - so is better for gaming use as you can cheaply and easily upgrade the power supply if you wish.


How many internal drive slots does this have?

Samsung chromebook 3g and WiFi refurbished £106.94 at Morgan computers
Found 19th Jan 2016Found 19th Jan 2016
Samsung chromebook 3g and WiFi refurbished £106.94 at Morgan computers
Samsung chromebook with 3g, 2gb ram and an ssd so should be pretty quick. It's refurbished but is in A1 condition so should be OK, only bad thing I can see is it has a US keyboard… Read more

Morgan computers has sucked for 15 years. They used to be good though.


I think it's cold for several reason. 1) It's Morgan Computers which never seems to have any bargains these days. 2) It's a second-hand machine. The last time I bought a 'refurbished' computer from MC it was just an old second hand one, badly wrapped and smelling of cheap furniture polish where someone had cleaned the keys. 3) It has a US keyboard. 4) It's an old model. 5) It has 2gb of ram. 6) It has a 3-month warranty. 7) A new Chromebook can be bought for £150 inc delivery here Alternatively Chromebook machines with 4gb, HD screens and touchscreens are readily available from £200 to £250. 8) It's 3g only.


16gb emmc would make more sense, but the spec said ssd. I couldn't find any Chromebooks at all for less than this, so could someone enlighten me as to why it's so cold?


Isn't it EMMC rather than an SSD in these?


How did Citrix Receiver perform on these?

Apple iPad 1 16GB WiFi Black - £99.95 +del - Morgan Computers
Found 13th Dec 2015Found 13th Dec 2015
Apple iPad 1 16GB WiFi Black - £99.95 +del - Morgan Computers
Apple iPad 1 16GB WiFi Black - £99.95 - Morgan Computers Grade A2 Not bad for an ipad. First kids tablet xmas prezzie maybe etc?? Plus delivery charge £106.94 delivered - rodma… Read more

Think this is the coldest xmas post ever! :{ ;)


I wouldnt buy one but if you have an old one then jailbreak, install kodi/xbmc (forget which version is available) and a few emulators if you want to make some use out of it


come again?


I tried resurrecting an old iPad 1 for my mum to use a year or so ago. It's such a shame that developers don't leave legacy versions of popular apps available to download (this may be a forced thing from Apple - I don't know) from the App Store. Although Safari does work, it is a very frustrating and slow user experience. Much better out there for the money. You can get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for the same price.


Possibly the worst company to buy from (apart from that one selling iPhones on Ebay)

"AS NEW" Laptop £269.95 @ Morgan Computers
Found 22nd Nov 2015Found 22nd Nov 2015
"AS NEW" Laptop £269.95 @ Morgan Computers
15.6” HD (1600x900) anti-glare LED backlight display; allows you to view images and videos comfortably 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor; provides optimal computing perf… Read more
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Apologies...mistyped that..I meant the E6320...but your right...even the E6320 has a smaller screen being a 13.3 but it's a far better machine for the money imo if you can forego a little screen size


as new 4 year old laptop lol


Errr no it's not better spec as it's a significantly smaller screen and as the screen would not be equivalent in terms of resolution either. I'd personally call that a downgrade even counting the later processor. However an E6530 would be more than a match with the FHD screen option that some came with.


Dell E6230 from Ebay...better built, better spec (3rd Gen i5) and usually plenty on ebay around £150-£180 or less if you time it right.


Sorry but cold from me Identical spec bar the screen Uprated screen to replace the original and sell the old one on to recoup most of your money Overall you'd be talking £200 to match the spec and you get a year warranty to get identical spec. With a bit of looking you can get this model and the same or slightly better spec for under £200 with relative ease without the need to do a screen replacement (I've just done a quick look and found the above options as a demo of how overpriced this is). If you're flexible then you can get a good range of alternatives such as Elitebook, Latitude or other business grade equivalents for that same sort of price range.

Blackberry Playbook tablet £25 Delivered with code (refurbished) @ morgancomputers
Found 17th Nov 2015Found 17th Nov 2015
Blackberry Playbook tablet £25 Delivered with code (refurbished) @ morgancomputers
Just seen Morgan Computers have the Playbook on offer today only, for £25.00 including delivery. **** Use discount code BLACK99 to get it at this price **** - IamMT

If anyone is looking for a case, Amazon have a slip case for under £3 but it's an add on item. Also available from market place sellers for £3 delivered. Can this be used as a sat-nav? Just curious.


out of stock


Back in stock, but limited to one per order - no idea why I need one, but had to buy one ;-)


We've had these for the kids for years. Rarely do they see the light of day. I'd gladly sell them for £25


Missed out, but heat added

Toshiba portege R930 Aluminium Body 3rd Gen i7 2.9Ghz 128GB SSD Drive £349.99 @ Morgan Computers
Found 6th Nov 2015Found 6th Nov 2015
Toshiba portege R930 Aluminium Body 3rd Gen i7 2.9Ghz 128GB SSD Drive £349.99 @ Morgan Computers
Top spec laptop with an extra £50 off bringing this down to £350...grade A refurbished and having purchased from Morgan previously I can say they are in fantastic condition. USE C… Read more
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​agreed Dell refurbished are also superb. In fact the one I bought seemed new


Obviously this is not a current PC, so I would expect that it has seen some use, although there is no way of knowing how much. Still, you get a lot of laptop for the money, and the Portege range is really well built. I am surprised about Windows 10, because I run it on the Portege R500 and the R700 with only very minor issues.


I have one of these. It's alright, but negatives are... Very hot and thus very noisy Not Windows 10 compliant at all


I'm not saying that the seller is bad - only that refurbished means different things in different contexts. If you look up the details of the seller they're an IT equipment disposals and recycling company for equipment that is no longer required. I'd say there's a pretty high likelihood that given the age of the CPU and the nature of the seller, this is an used ex-corporate machine where they've given it a factory reset and quick wipe down with a cloth. I'm sure it will be fine but I doubt that it's a laptop where someone's bought it new and then simply returned it within a 14 day period because they've changed their mind.


I noticed this and it is indeed a good price, however I have never bought "seller refurbished" as the quality can vary hugely and is the reason I did not post. It might be wonderful, but be careful.

Goodmans 1TB Freeview+ HD Digital TV Recorder - £79.95 - Morgan Computers
Found 27th Oct 2015Found 27th Oct 2015
Goodmans 1TB Freeview+ HD Digital TV Recorder - £79.95 - Morgan Computers
Pause and Rewind Live TV Record Two Channels While Watching Another Recording Series Recording One Touch Recording Record up to 624 hours SD or 250 hours HD TV 8 Day Electronic Pro… Read more

I was just about to comment 'also at IJT' as I didn't know they were the same/a related company oO


Good price but out of stock. PVRs are dependent on the reliability of the HDD. I had a Sagem that was good for about 6 years before it died to the click of death. I've now got a BT Youview box for the past year that makes the occasional scratching sounds. It's a great little box but does makes me cringe and wonder how long it will last.


Would say avoid because it's MorganComputers aka IJT etc. Very much into 'hard selling' not so much into post-sales service IMHO. As for their graded products would definitely say 'avoid, avoid, avoid'.


I'd go as far as to say no freeview recorder is 100% reliable. All seem to have reports of "missed" recordings or other problems.


Buy some t/cut to clean it it will bring it back to like new

HP Elitebook 8440w i7-620M Dual core 2.60gHz 4GB Grade A refurbished £236.93 delivered @ Morgan Computers
Found 24th Oct 2015Found 24th Oct 2015
HP Elitebook 8440w i7-620M Dual core 2.60gHz 4GB Grade A refurbished £236.93 delivered @ Morgan Computers
Although refurbished, great specs for a computer built to withstand even the clumsier of users. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Besides all that I don't think you read and understood what I originally said, which was The processor is about as powerful as an 2nd gen I3 2370M. There is very little difference between the results in those test on the page you linked too. They are "about" the same. :{


Sadly benchmarking isn't a most category victories is best situation (it's not a popularity contest). These 2 processors are pretty similar in overall performance. Very little between them and no real person would be able to work out which is which from a double blind test without of using bench testing like that website has been presenting or actually checking which is which.


I cant see how you determine that. 4 out of 5 it beats its rival. That is a clear winner overall.


Seems like on every benchmark on that list (your choice of website) that the 2370m is about the same?


You know ****! Not sticking up for the poster but check this out