Mork And Mindy - Season 1,2 & 3 Only £6.89 Each at

Mork And Mindy - Season 1,2 & 3 Only £6.89 Each at

Found 17th Jan 2009
The Original 24 Episodes From Season One:

Wild, wacky and operating at warp speed, meet Mork from the planet Ork - the maniacal alien of Mork and Mindy, the riotous television sitcom presented in this "Season One" DVD collection. Actor-comedian Robin Williams zoomed to stardom with co-star Pam Dawber in this laugh-filled comedy series spawned from a 1978 episode of Happy Days.

Dispatched from Ork in his egg-shaped spacecraft, the lovable Orkan hurtles to Earth near the town of Boulder, Colorado, where he is befriended by pretty college student Mindy McConnell (Dawber). Mork's mission is to observe the bizarre customs of the earthlings and then report back to his great Orkan leader, Orson. He tries his best to adapt to his new environment - not an easy task when you innocently wear your clothes backwards, sit in a chair upside down, or blurt out"Shazbot!" when things go awry. It's an out-of this-world series of laughs and escapades when human being meets humanoid hurricane in Mork and Mindy.


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