Mornflake Gold Scottish jumbo oats 1.5kg £1.66 @ Waitrose

Mornflake Gold Scottish jumbo oats 1.5kg £1.66 @ Waitrose

Found 29th Sep 2014
High in fibre
Helps actively reduce cholesterol*
100% wholegrain

£7.88 @ amazon - Subscribe & Save (Pack of 5)…860
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Love these but I buy them in packs of 5 from Amazon via Subscribe and Save for about £1.40 each after 15% discount. If you go through lots like we do it may be an option…860
good size flakes, not dust! ...goodbuy, good taste.
Shame I bought loads from Tesco. The quality is OK. Thanks for mentioning the Amazon s&s. Last time I used it I panicked as to how to find 5 different things to subscribe. In the end, I made up 5 items of organic flour and they sent me organic flour which will expire in November! Amazon for you! I was so incensed that I cancelled them all and they didn't even allow me to tell that that one batch of flour expired in November and one in December. I ordered them in early September! The flour didn't even rise properly. Going ORGANIC!
Didn't like these at all, take a long time to cook and very chewy. In the microwave would boil over long before they were cooked. May be ok if cooked for a long time on low heat with a sauce pan but who's got the time ....
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