Moroccan argan oil set starts at 99p @ Home Bargains

Moroccan argan oil set starts at 99p @ Home Bargains

Found 6th Nov 2013
Hi guys i know these have been posted before individually at some point but ive seen for quite some time now the the hair masque as a new addition, as well as the shampoo, conditioner and oil, as 4/5 individual pieces for 99p have not tried em myself so let me know if its worked for u
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ive tried them all except the hair mask, my hair is LONG and THICK and this stuff seems to make it behave alot better :-) thumbs up from me although not really a deal this range is always 99p or a quid from pound shop where I bought mine.
Not really a deal these are £1 in Tesco and have been ever since I first saw them months and months ago. I think £1 is just the usual retail price.
Also £1 in Asda if that's closer.
This exact set sold for around 8-9 quid recently on groupon excluding p&p!! Quite ridiculous when their sellin for a £1
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