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Show off your Welsh tackle like Tom Jones! £39.94 inc post @ Morphsuits
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Posted 4th Jul 2016Posted 4th Jul 2016
Show off your Welsh tackle like Tom Jones! £39.94 inc post @ Morphsuits
Celebrate Welsh success with with one of these Wales morph suits. Worried about your modesty? No need, have a leek boyo.
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Always the case... you win... even the cr*p goes up ;)


Welsh tat! Get your random Welsh tat here! Only thrice the price from usual!


I'd rather have a red dragon tattooed on my **** than wear this


Cheaper on Amazon , think eBay has it around 32 for BIN price too! Save your pennies for an extra pint!

Kids Slenderman Morphsuit £20.94 Delivered @ Morphsuits
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Posted 14th Oct 2014Posted 14th Oct 2014
Kids Slenderman Morphsuit £20.94 Delivered @ Morphsuits
Roll up, roll up, get your kids this years' hottest Hallowe'en costume, perpetrate an urban legend, jump on the bandwagon, and know your meme :-) Next cheapest seems to be £24.99 … Read more

Frakison i just think its bad taste to dress babies and young children up like devils and witches & effectively send them round the neighbourhood begging. Also regards urself a favour and research its origins & how it was accepted into most, but not all christian denominations. I find it ironic that as a kid the 1st cards i always received were from my jewish & muslim friend, albeit a kind gesture. Just my lil take on things but each to their own.


Yeah.... well say my name three times and see what happens to you!!!! :p


A couple of points... 1) The baddy who abducts/kills children is one of the most common Fairy Tale tropes there is - the wolf who tried eating Little Red Riding Hood, the witch who kidnaps and tries to eat Hansel and Gretel etc, this is just a more modern spin on something that has existed since storytelling began. 2) We had Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees costumes when we were kids - and we've all turned out right, right? 3) As a proud Brit I was grumpy about how we've adopted Hallowe'en over here, but as my generation grew up on American import TV (Charlie Brown - 'I got a rock!') and when I was younger I always wanted to go trick or treating and felt cheated that it wasn't 'a thing' how can I begrudge my kids doing it? My 3 yo girl has been looking forward to trick or treating more than her birthday! 4) As a social phenomenon the creation and development of the Slenderman character from a simple mention on a forum to something which has entered global consciousness is fascinating and says a lot for our times when people are wanting and needing something supernatural and fantastical in a world where everything is proven, measured and clinical. 5) Come on, the Slenderman character is pretty cool, right? Faceless white guy in a suit, that's a perfect subversion of the liberal bad guy, we all know that the middle class white male is responsible for all the ills in the world, now he's stealing our kids. *bracing myself for the negative comments*


If I stick my fat son in one can I sue them for false advertising?


Some amazing morph suits on that site :o :D

Digital Dudz Christmas Jumpers 50% Off  £17.48 @ Morphsuits
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Posted 23rd Dec 2013Posted 23rd Dec 2013
Digital Dudz Christmas Jumpers 50% Off £17.48 @ Morphsuits
50% off the Christmas Range and Free Delivery. Not as cheap as the Asda deal but I missed out on that. It says still in time for Christmas but I don't think they'll be able to mana… Read more
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Bit of a wooly deal if you ask me....


Unless they're going to fly them in I doubt xmas is realistic! Good selection and worth putting away for next year.

Mighty morphin Power rangers morphsuits (all 6 original colours) £39.95! @ Morphsuits
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Posted 22nd Mar 2013Posted 22nd Mar 2013
Mighty morphin Power rangers morphsuits (all 6 original colours) £39.95! @ Morphsuits
all 6 colours available(green ranger available from April 1st) enjoy :) Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

How much....???? Morph suits £20 at best...


No white ranger... Cold Only joking!


as long as I'm the green one I'll be your friend :)


great thanks, all I need now is 5 friends.... 8'-(


Lol that was EPIC!!

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