Morphy Richards 480002 3kg 1400W Health Fryer with Timer & Removable Bowl - Black £75.99 @ CO-OP eBay

Morphy Richards 480002 3kg 1400W Health Fryer with Timer & Removable Bowl - Black £75.99 @ CO-OP eBay

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Found 14th Mar
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The Morphy Richards Health Fryer requires a substantially smaller amount of oil than a conventional fryer, making it a healthy option to fry, bake, roast and grill a variety of great tasting foods.

Meal times have never been less hassle, as the product has a large 3l capacity, meaning that it's possible to make enough food for the entire family in one go. It also has a defrost option, so that frozen food can be cooked straight away.

Inexperienced cooks and pro chefs alike can make healthy and delicious meals with theHealth Fryer's eight pre-programmed functions. The user just needs to put their food into the fryer, select the preferred option and let the product do all the hard work, as it pre-sets the correct time and temperature for each task.

The Morphy Richards Health Fryer couldn't be easier to use, thanks to its LED touch screen display. With its timer and delay start function, it's possible to set the product to suit individual timings and demands.

Not only is the fryer easy to use, but it also features a number of safety features, such as a cool-touch detachable handle, which means that it's safe to handle at any time during the cooking process.

It also shuts off after an allocated time, whether that?s manually or as one of the pre-program settings, so that the user can be safe in the knowledge that it won?t stay switched on if left for too long.
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It's OK but nothing exciting about the price.

1400W is a little more powerful than some, and a little less powerful than others, I bought a Tower 3.2L one for under 45 quid, a 4L one with 1700W can be currently had for 69 quid at Amazon. All sorts of other similarly branded options cheaper or similarly priced available. The Morphy Richards name is no premium brand to get excited about any more than Tower or Swan is.

Digital timer I find no benefit over a mechanical one in practical use - it just takes longer to set, unless you really like jazzy lights!
usually £69 at amazon as we have one.

I have this and it's v good i can't believe we never bought one before, it does everything we have asked it to do and more, also the digital display is brilliant and is one of the best things about it.
polly6943 m ago

usually £69 at amazon as we have one.cold

£84 today on also the amazon one is 00001 without the extras ie the flat tray and a baking tin the flat tray is a must.
bought a halogen oven after we had two of these die on us, halogen cooker is much better.
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