Morphy Richards Allergy Compact Steam Cleaner - £33.32 @ argos

Morphy Richards Allergy Compact Steam Cleaner - £33.32 @ argos

Found 15th Mar 2007
Model number 70452.

British Allergy Foundation approved.

Scientifically proven to kill dust mites and neutralise allergens.

Carry strap and full accessory pack.

Dual power element - 2000 watt for heat-up - 1200 watt in use.

3 mins heat up.

20 mins constant steam.

1 litre capacity.

Steam temperature (at jet nozzle) - 115°C.

Weight 2.5kg.

Cord 4.6m.

cat number
Was £49.99 4060383
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Looking at the reviews on ]Amazon it looks a bit dangerous to use as there is no on/off steam control if the design hasn't changed since that review was written.
I Have one of these, not read the review. Would highly recommend it. Steam last for up to 1/2 hr (more than stated). I only use it 3-4 times per year.

:w00t: You no longer have to feel guilty about neglecting the jobs you hate, neglect and then let this take the strain :whistling:

Great for kitchen tiles (I know I should clean them every week but I don't and the film of dust/grease was hard to get off). This solves that problem. Also great for windows, bathrooms etc.

There is an on/off control. But I rarely use this because I keep going as long as the steam is there! Tank is 3 litres. Sister has one she paid £300 for, has a bigger tank but does the same job (came with lots of attachments she never uses)

I paid over £40 for this 2yrs ago.
does this clean grout between tiles in a bathroom/kitchen?
[SIZE=2]:thumbsup: Yep, very well. If it totally discoloured it might not make it white again (if water staining is severe). [/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]:oops: My kitchen tiles looked lile a mirror.....never knew they could do that[/SIZE]
Thank you Esims84, I have just reserved in the hope it will clean the mould starting on the plaster ceiling.
Not sure it will remove stains like mould that soak into material such as plaster. It is mainly a grime buster. Things that you normally have to scrub at, or use v. harsh chemicals to break the grease - you just use this instead.
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