Morphy Richards Jet Stream 2200w Pink Steam Generator - Model Number 42272

Morphy Richards Jet Stream 2200w Pink Steam Generator - Model Number 42272

Found 24th May 2008
Jet Stream 2200w Pink Steam Generator

The constant high steam output of the 2200w Jetstream (80 grams of steam per minute) youll find ironing easier and faster as the increased density of the steam tackles even the most stubborn creases.

OK it's pink, but the price is a complete bargain, you can't get a normal iron for that price.
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I bought the wife one of these, its really good and makes the ironing loads easier.
great spot and price mo, wife bought one of these off bid tv, the make was called teem and it didn't even last a year, didn't hesitate to buy this tho good make and 2yr guarantee which is handy, thanks mo heat added.
Fantastic! Have just place order, my wife has been after one of these for ages but didn't want to pay over £100 for an iron!!:thumbsup:
voted hot,

these are going on ebay ex-return with 6 months RTB for over £50.00 plus £10.00 delivery

rrp £130.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic find, just ordered mine

Voted hot, thanks!
You say it's pink like that's a bad thing!!! *stares in disgust at my now very mannish looking silver russell hobbs iron".
this is hot, bought one for my mum! heat and rep given.
great find, ordered mine (i have 6 to iron for!), thanks:thumbsup:
Ordered. Who cares that it's pink?! Heat and rep added.:thumbsup:
Great Price. Just placed a order for one. My wife has wanted one of these irons for ages.
Thanks to the OP - anything to make the ironing easier!! Had a quick look on amazon and this is a bargain and a half. Cheers :thumbsup:
Great - my girlfriend will look great bent over the ironing board getting all steamed up.
Hot offer, but not very green on your lecy bill, 2200W ouch

Hot offer, but not very green on your lecy bill, 2200W ouch

An ordinary steam iron is around 2000 watts anyway.
ordered mine , thanx ... been after one of these for a while now but didnt really want to fork out loads as the iron we have isnt really that old and cost us around £35 but at this price for a murphy richards steam iron with 2 year guarantee it would be just rude not to buy one !!

Heat added btw , thanks ... i'm now £32.50 poorer than before !!
I`ve got one of these, and it`s excellent. Great spot!
Great price- theyre £89.99 in argos (for the blue one) Pinks not my colour but who cares- I ordered one anyway as my cheapo iron from tescos is on the way out!!

Thanks to OP.
:thumbsup: great find - ordered one thanks mo
great find thanks alot ordered 1, heat added:roll:
Thanks ordered one. :thumbsup:

Good reviews:…272
Excellent find, ordered one myself. Have some heat (and steam..):roll:
ordered one thanks:thumbsup:
Need an iron>Bargain>Pink>Bargain>Pink>Bargain...
Hmm... What to do
Excellent! Just ordered one.
Thx for posting this great deal! Hope its as good as the price! Cheers
Thanks great deal need a new iron after I dropped my last one!

Need an iron>Bargain>Pink>Bargain>Pink>Bargain...Hmm... What to do

LOL!!! Had the same thought process.

Bought one at this stunning price.

2 for and 2 against reviews on Amazon and this

Make sure you change the water filters regularly - I change mine every 4 … Make sure you change the water filters regularly - I change mine every 4 months based on my usage and water hardness. The filters cost around £9 for 5 from Morphy Richards's website

Our existing iron doesn't have ANY monthly running costs.

Wonder why it's being sold at a reduced price?

EDIT:: Actually the above reviews are for a similar but slightly diiferent model

Just a LILAC model - Not Pink.
Tis bargain, shame dont need one yet. hot!
Great find just ordered mine Thanks
Cheers mate, went for one . :thumbsup:

Heat an Rep left.

Just ordered thanks, heat and rep added
Great spot!
A lot of the consumer reviews say that the the filter wears out quickly - I could only find one that specified a timeframe which was stated as 4 months, which is IMO a reasonable length of time - anyway, I bought a pack of 5 filters at the same for £8.53.
Now I'm off looking for a good price on one of those ironing boards that have fan built into them.
thanks for the up OP. heat added
heat added been looking for one of these since missing the last one at argos
THANKS wanted 1 for ages but thought too expensive.Great price hope hubby likes it.:roll::roll:
Excellent find, just ordered mine too! Well done.:whistling:
Got mine the last time they were on offer, they're fab:thumbsup: Order now:-D
[COLOR="Magenta"]Who Cares what colour it is?[/COLOR] I have just ordered mine. The one ive got at moment is 5 yr old and has been well used. (dropped twice) ordered one as a backup or I might give it as a wedding presie.

Thank you. great find. :thumbsup:
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