Morphy Richards Safety Iron - Reduced from £49.99 to £17.60

Morphy Richards Safety Iron - Reduced from £49.99 to £17.60

Found 5th Apr 2007
Brilliant iron that switches itself if left unattended. Great for safety and for reducing electric bills. Bought one last time for these were on offer for Mrs B's anniversary present and it is brilliant. Can't find it anywhere near this price.

* Safety Switch Off system
* Automatically switches the iron off
30 secs if the iron is left soleplate
down or 8mins if left on its heel
* Unique stainless steel Fabri-Dynamic
profiled 'no-ruck' soleplate
* Permanent anti-scale system
* 40 g/min constant steam output
* 80 g shot of steam
* Cushioned ComfiGrip handle
* No-drip system
* Variable steam
* Vertical steam

Several other new items on the 'Special Offers' page too
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Good Price Thanks.
Excellent spot , been after a new iron & this will do a treat with its safety features .


Have to second this, its a great iron, it has a blue light also, so I find that I naturally tend to remember to switch it off anyway. Its quite solid and a little heavy but a great quality iron.

I got this when it I saw the offer on Rpoints last year.
It's an iron it has to be HOT.
what's the guarantee on this iron?

looks good, voted hot

what's the guarantee on this iron?looks good, voted hot

Morphy Richards give a 2 year guarantee on their appliances:)

Good price,voted hot.
barneybear,you old romantic you!!! What you getting Mrs B for the next anniversary?? New mop and bucket!!:giggle:
I think it's 2 years - I'll check and see if I can find my warranty card.
Update - yes, definately 2 years. When I had a problem with a filter kettle last year their customer service was 5*

What you getting Mrs B for the next anniversary?? New mop and bucket

It's a biggee anniversary this year and I have my eye on a lovely little Dyson for her.
I bought this one ]http//ww…ENG it fills itself with water when it needs it.I had to have it as i hate filling the iron all the time :thumbsup:

If I brought this as an anniversary present I'd get it wrapped round my head :whistling:

I bought this one … I bought this one ] it fills itself with water when it needs it.I had to have it as i hate filling the iron all the time :thumbsup: Chaos

Ordered this one, this could do with a deal of its own!
Nope, the 40710 model is still only £17.60. I've just bought one! Also, Amazon are selling the same for £53.97!…-11

Bargain! Cheers
Cool - just bought one. Our iron died this morning so great timing! Thank you
thanks ordered one
Thank you! Just found a good deal on another iron :-)
Anyone received their order through? Not had mine yet... :-(
I ordered this with a vacuum cleaner last weekend. The vacuum arrived yesterday, but no sign of the iron.
Nothing here either , money was taken 3 days ago
I haven't recieved my iron either although they took my money 8 days ago!!!!
No sign of mine either, can anyone remember what was quoted for delivery.

[SIZE=2]Expect delivery normally within 7 days[/SIZE]

. Not like Morphy Richards at all this but think this Tuesday may be most likely delivery day to allow for the Easter break.[/SIZE]
Same ordered over a week ago. Still no iron and theres no way to trace it on their site...
email or ring them they are very good when you contact them.

email or ring them they are very good when you contact them.

I emailed them Friday so I'm hoping for an answer tomorrow . On previous buys direct from them the goods were here 2 days later & before the money was taken .

They aren't going into liquidation are they ? :whistling:
I wonder if too many people have ordered !!

They aren't going into liquidation are they ? :whistling:

I hope not - just had a Comfortigrip iron (bought when they had a cheap deal before) stop working last week (only been used for three months) - no problem they will send out a replacement in 5 working days.

Excellent customer service :thumbsup:
This was apparently out of stock and I've been told that it was dispatched to me today (del 5 working days). They said it was highly unusual that my payment was taken whilst it was out of stock!Very friendly staff though!
Just an update - as stated in my previous post was promised a replacement for a faulty iron. I called Thursday at 4.00pm arrived 12 noon today excellent CS.:thumbsup:
Same here, steam wouldn't work, phoned CS up, they ran through a few questions, said it was knackered and to bin it. Then said they would send a better model due to being out of stock of the model that I originally ordered. :thumbsup:

Excellent customer service (not sure about the faulty irons though!) ;-)
I phoned earlier to see where my iron i ordered on 6th April was and the lady told me it had been dispatched to DHL on the 10th April and said i should have reiceved it by now.She asked me to wait whilst she contacted DHL and they told her they had never recieved it :x she said she was going to send another out today and if the first one turns up to keep it anyway So big thumbs up to their customer service :thumbsup: :thumbsup: pity more companies could'nt take a leaf out of Morphy Richards book.

I just called & was advised that my order was sent out today , maybe my e-mail had prompted them to send it . I've previously bought from them & have never had this delay on any order but as others have said , they are a good company to deal with .
i ordered on the 8th April, still no sign of the iron, will give them a call tomorrow
Ordered mine on 9th April, rang today and they say it was despatched yesterday - should be here by end of week!
Mine arrived this morning via DHL
yeh mine too!

Got mine this morning. Ordered on the 9th.
got mine in 3 days.
got mine the next day.
Good product.
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