Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker 6.5L (Don't know if it's national) £10.49 @ Sainsburys

Morphy Richards Sear and Stew Slow Cooker 6.5L (Don't know if it's national) £10.49 @ Sainsburys

Found 31st Jul 2014Made hot 9th Aug 2014
Not sure if this is local or national but it says 'Special Offer' on the receipt. Shelf label advertised it as 70% off. £10.49 for a 6.5L slow cooker with 3 heat settings seems good to me so worth a look.

Detail on the box says:

All-In-One Cooking Pot - Sear - Stew - Serve
Hob Proof Cooking Pot
3 Cooking Settings
6.5L Capacity Serves 8-10 People
Shatterproof Cooking Pot


Which sainsburys?

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Sorry, this was from Sainsbury's in Morecambe, first time I've posted a local deal and thought putting it in the location box would make it show up however I was wrong!!!

This was also found in Sainsburys Longbridge.

this is excellent, iv got 1.

Thanks form the heads up. I picked up one yesterday.

Just bought one from Hull, must be national! Bargain!

Just got these form the Darlington store, thanks for the heads up!


Thats a fair size,cheap too.

Ohh thank you I will have a look tomorrow. Could you please let me know if it's manual or digital? I would prefer manual so I can pop a timer on it.

Hot, I paid just over £20 for mine a few months back and that was cheap back then!

Pretty sure this is national, they "had" it in both Bolton and Salford branches. We bought ours for £25 a while back... Brilliant purchase

This is great, I've had one for about a year. Saves washing up as you can brown meat and slow cook in the same pot. I think it's manual - you just turn the knob for low/medium/high. No digital display.

I've seen other slow cookers cheaper in sainsburys recently. This obviously has the edge with the sear function, but just saying in case anyone wants to know.
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