Morphy Richards Stainless Steel Kettle - £24.97 @ Tesco Direct

Morphy Richards Stainless Steel Kettle - £24.97 @ Tesco Direct

Found 21st Mar 2011
Probably wouldn't bother posting this were it not for the fact we spent 3 weeks looking EVERYWHERE for the perfect kettle before settling on this (and feeling pleased I did).

What is the perfect kettle?

Well, everyone's different but the criteria I applied were:

Under £25
Decent water capacity (1.7L)
3kW fast boil
Easy to fill single handed (thumb-press lid pop-up)
Good, fine filter that won't let any gritty scale through
Simple, faff-free design, whilst not looking cheap or ugly
Small diameter base unit to save worktop space
Good, strong, heavy-duty lid hinges that aren't going to snap
Comfortable handle ergonomics and overall weight balance

That's what you can tell from picking one up in a shop. Upon getting it home it also turned out to be a precision pourer (no drips or dribbles) due to it's well-designed spout, and it's much quieter than our previous kettles too. Oh, and it has a cool little glowy blue light on it. And a 2yr guarantee.

Cannot fault this thing.

In the past I've gone for fancy, expensive kettles that broke amazingly quickly. I've learned that kettles can be a nightmare and, as you can probably see by the nature of this post, they've really gotten to me. But I feel now I've finally beaten them so, trust me, if you need one at the moment, this one here is money well spent. Don't waste weeks looking like I did, heed my recommendation and live your lives!


Good price, £59.99 in Argos.

Thanks. I have been looking for a kettle too!

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Good price, £59.99 in Argos.

Oh yeah, so it is. And it's managed to garner 4.3 stars over 60 reviews.
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dont buy this kettle, I have one and it leaks, like a sieve.

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Really? When did that happen?

seems a good buy to me ----Heat added


dont buy this kettle, I have one and it leaks, like a sieve.

mine sprung a leak after about 10 months, should have taken it back to RobertDyas , think I paid about £30 last spring.
It went in the bin last week as I could not find receipt and stupidly paid with cash! I am using the 'Basics' one from sainsburys now- it takes AGES to make a coffee now !

Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!

Hot!!! Been looking everywhere for a good kettle deal like this! Result.

Thanks for posting

Hi all,
I have owned this kettle for 7 months, and have been really pleased with it apart from it did leak a slightly from the base after boiling. It finally packed up 3 weeks ago due to the leak becoming more like a flood every time the kettle had been boiled. I took it back to the store I bought it from to exchange but they have stopped stocking this one and gave me my money back. Disappointing as I liked this this kettle due to good shape, size, weight, lid, spout and fast boil but for myself it's not worth waiting several days without a kettle while I go though the manufacturer when it may happen again.
Something to think about before buying I guess. Hope this helps anyone who is looking!
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