Morphy Richards Turbosteam Steam Iron (Diamond Soleplate) £14.50 @ Amazon

Morphy Richards Turbosteam Steam Iron (Diamond Soleplate) £14.50 @ Amazon

Found 11th Aug 2013
Good solid steam iron with great reviews. #1 Bestseller on Amazon. Lowest price I can find online at the moment and lowest it's even been on amazon
(been tracking it on camelcamelcamel -…4JW )

I know there were some ridiculously cheap deals going for the Phillip Azur irons a while ago, but at this point of time I think this is the best value..miles better than those flimsy, plasticky "basic" range irons you get from Argos, Tesco etc. but now almost in the same price category.

Get it while it's hot!!

Product Info -----

Diamond soleplate for ultimate glide and durability

Variable steam for easy crease removal

Powerful 120g steam shot with Tip Technology for an added boost on really stubborn creases

Extra large 400ml water tank for longer ironing time

Three-year guarantee (upon registration with Morphy Richards

This Turbosteam iron with Tip Technology produces a powerful, dedicated shot of steam, allowing you to get creases out of the most awkward places. It features a huge 400ml easy-view water tank so you can iron more between refills, as well as benefiting from our most premium soleplate: Diamond. With incredible durability, it is designed to outlast even the best. Its exceptional glide-ability means you can iron your garments with ease time after time to a pristine finish.
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Same price at Tesco Direct, if preferred.

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Excellent deal
These are brilliant irons ordered 2.
The 3 year warranty is a bonus.

A steal at this price!
Looks like a great deal - also ordered 2.

Bought one, hope it's worth it.
Gradually buying bits for my first home (that I am still yet to find!) thanks. Ordered and heat added.
Tempted to replace the one my wife nearly broke
Anniversary present sorted, now she can iron my shirt for my night out.
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Reviews look promising too. Ordered so thanks for the heads up!!
I'd avoid personally.
I bought a suspiciously similar item…c=1 and all it did was spitter\splatter water out when in use. I tried using De-Ionised water, but that didnt help either.
Has great reviews but it's only 2000watt so I'm not sure, I've seen cheaper ones that are more powerful. Can anyone lend their expertise?
Great buy - thanks op, heat added
The Tesco one says aluminum plate whereas Amazon is Diamond??
Excellent stocking filler for the Missus - heat added!
Quality control seems a bit flakey on this but Amazon will let you exchange it. So, hot.
heat - just ordered from amazon. hope the quality is ok.
booo. bought this 2weeks ago for 19.50.
decent at that price too.
Got to be better than Phillips, I have ordered this thanks
Heat added. Fed up of the £10 tesco one!
Just what my shirts need
HEAT OP!!! And thanks just ordered and used my £3.56 voucher on amazon which came to a total of £10.94 and free del.
I used to have one of these. Unfortunately the steam shot button broke after about a year of moderate use. The "sole plate" might be durable but the buttons aren't.
Same price at tesco + clubcard points
I bought one of these and it was terrible! No wonder they are going so cheap

Has great reviews but it's only 2000watt so I'm not sure, I've seen … Has great reviews but it's only 2000watt so I'm not sure, I've seen cheaper ones that are more powerful. Can anyone lend their expertise?

I ain't no iron expert either but I think the wattage might only really make a difference in the time it takes to heat up, though I could be wrong.
Other things like the soleplate etc. are more important IMO, I've used the cheap ones before and this one is definitely a lot better, takes less effort to get creases out and glides over a lot more smoothly...that's about all you expect from your iron isn't it
£19.50 now
Expired now. showing £19.50 at the moment.
Now gone up to £25.00 Thought i bought it through amazon but i only "looked" at item according to amazon (& no monies being deducted from my bank account) So i've purchased this one instead which seems to have good reviews & though it doesn't look as nice, it seems to iron better than other irons i've used in the past - good steam output too.…427
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