Morrisons 10% discount Card - valid until 31/12/2012

Morrisons 10% discount Card - valid until 31/12/2012

LocalFound 13th Nov 2012
I have been into Morrisons (Binley Coventry) this morning and the lady at the till gave me a discount card which allows 10% off all shopping until 31/12/2012. (this is not valid on petrol). There were also ladies giving these away in the foyer.

Morrisons Head Office are sending these cards out upon request. Ring 01274 261000
- Rubisco

Phoned number avove and got told new number to phone is 0845 611 6111 (for anyone wondering Warminster isnt one of the stores so no good for me anyway )
- awilko

Don't bother phoning, nobody has reported success since they've been mentioning specific stores, safe to assume the targeted store list doesn't exist, it's a lie. Scratch that, phone to lodge a complaint with this unscrupulous company if you like ;-)

Deal still available to non-customers targeted by marketeers in high streets...
- Rubisco
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This allows use for up to £1000 saving total of £100.

Checked leaflet and the 10% Discount Card cannot be used on Cash Back, Tobacco, Fuel, Saver Stamps, Postage stamps, Gift Vouchers, Gift Cards, Lottery On-Line Game & Instant Tickets, Fireworks, ‘Top-up’ Mobile Phone Cards, E-top-up, prescription medicines, purchases within the Café, Dry Cleaning, Concessions and Infant Formula. Discount cannot be claimed as part of our Fuel Saver promotion when purchasing Gift Cards.

Please note the discount card will allow you to receive discount against qualifying transactions for the Christmas Saver Coupon but you will not receive discount when redeeming the Christmas Saver Voucher.
not seen one of these cards, is this nationwide? or store specific? is there a min spend to use this 10% card
Think this is nationwide.See link.

It allows you to receive 10% discount up to a total of £1000saving £100 in total. All the till girls were giving them to customers this morning. They also gave me an extra for my mum so doesn't seem to be a limit on how many you can get.
Just back from Morrisons Leigh and nothing going on there
Looks like a staff discount card to me according to the link - its says its marked as staff d/c
Just checked with my store they only found out about this today so it might be a case that some stores start this later. But you use them in store & register on line as shown in link (post 2).
Here are t&c. It is the same as the staff discount but available to everyone. It was even put through on till using staff discount as manager was telling staff how to use it and that's how he was telling staff to do it.!…ns/
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The cards were being given out in foyer this morning and on the check out which is where I was given mine (as I swerved past the ladies in the foyer as I thought they were selling stuff). Once you have your card you can save 10% on shopping up to £1000.
Anyone been into the Kendal or Morecambe stores yet to see if this is being given out?
They were handing them out in Wigan Town Centre at the weekend, just used it in Ormskirk branch no probs scanned as staff discount worked on a reduced PS3 game too
Checkout woman in my store last night told me about people handing these cards out. Apparently were in the main street asking if you shopped in Morrisons if you said No they gave you the card for the 10% off
Super heat.
This would be temption......except it's still Morrisons.................go get one later I guess, might be some good blus around Christmas.
20,000 cards are being handed out by 3rd party companies in each surrounding area of most Morrisons! Then the surplus get handed out in store!!
Hmmm....Our store had this a few months ago (August).
Can you use it on the self checkouts?

So, who's going to be the first one to go into Morrisons and DEMAND a … So, who's going to be the first one to go into Morrisons and DEMAND a card? X)


So, who's going to be the first one to go into Morrisons and DEMAND a … So, who's going to be the first one to go into Morrisons and DEMAND a card? X)

I might when I go tomorrow if I don't get offered one.Should be available to new and existing customers although I think these are probably aimed at anyone who is too late to start collecting the christmas saver vouchers.

Heated. Thanks OP.

Lost or stolen cards - If your card is lost or stolen, please contact our … Lost or stolen cards - If your card is lost or stolen, please contact our Customer Services team immediately on 0845 611 6111 or use the ‘contact us’ section on

Dear Morrisons. I was given a discount card today outside your store in [........] but unfortunately can't find it now. Could you please send me a replacement?

Might try that if I don't get offered one next time I'm in my local Morrisons...


Can you use it on the self checkouts?

In my experience the self-service machines in Morrisons will call for an assistant if you use any kind of voucher.

And if you don't use one.
So you could use this to get Dishonored for £18?

They was giving these out on Sunday at boots store in Barnsley

Can you use it on the self checkouts?

Why? You can't get discount on stolen goods.
Just called head office and one on way
good idea

Just called head office and one on way

They are posting one out to me too - I think they are gonna get lots of requests!
I'm going in later. I'm going to demand a card. It will back a nice backup to my Sainsbury's discount card.
went to my startford one yesterday.. no cards given or any info around.
Cool, got a £7 or £70 from them in store last week, but a flat 10% off everything is better.
What did u say when you rang head office?
Have just rang Head Office - was told at most stores but not all - good way to upset loyal customers - should be all or none.
01274 261000 is the non 0845 number, I just called and they said it wasn't a problem
Some stores are giving these out ( not store of the future) they give the same discount as staff. Can be used on self scan. Think it's smaller stores where competition from rival retailers are greater. Can be used on transaction where collecting Christmas saving vouchers but not on Christmas shop when using £25/£30 discount coupon.
I was given one in Wigan town centre on Sunday afternoon
They've just said they will send me one out too. I called the normal customer service number but the chap didn't seem to know much about it.
Just rang myself, only down road from their head office but a very nice lady Is posting one out to me. Heat added
Just phoned my local stores and they know nothing about this promotion. I called head office customer services on 08456115000, they said they are giving cards out in certain stores and shopping centers only but the cards are valid nationwide, if your local store isn't lucky enough to have them, call the number shown, give them your name and address and they will pop one in the post to you :-)
I've emailed them and asked them for a card!
I contacted my local store and a Card is on its way to me. Get in!!!!
Don't worry you can get one on ebay lol

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