Morrisons 8 x Giant bread rolls / baps 50p (2x4 BOGOF) 6.25p each!

Morrisons 8 x Giant bread rolls / baps 50p (2x4 BOGOF) 6.25p each!

Found 13th Dec 2010Made hot 13th Dec 2010
Probably not a brilliant offer, but ideal for me so I thought I'd share it - BOGOF on 4 'Giant' rolls, so works out 50p for 8, or 6.25p per roll!

I got the white ones, apparently the offer applies to wholemeal as well.

These are a PROPER size - ideal for bacon and egg rolls, decent size burgers, or just good sized sandwiches!

They've got a nice texture (I definitely prefer these to the normal cheapo brands that Morrisons normally offer - Rathbones, e.t.c.)

They are pre-packed (so not made by the instore bakery), but at this price, who cares?! Feed the birds with them if you don't like them

Unfortunately, I don't know the start / end date, but it's showing on their website as well so I'd assume it'll last until this weekend if not longer!


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The photo doesn't really do the rolls justice I'm afraid, might up one later when I've made something

What were you thinking the OP! - A deal on 'giant baps' and a picture of actual bread buns illlustrating it... you obviously havn't been round here long enough (_;) Great deal.. HOT!

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I know, I was tempted to put up a different picture, but I'm too uptight to do it

Good deal on cobs.

I got the wholemeal ones at the weekend and can vouch they are tasty and as cheap as chips. Much heat added from me.
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