morrisons - Biotiful Dairy Kefir Cultured Milk Drink 500ml  - £1.75

morrisons - Biotiful Dairy Kefir Cultured Milk Drink 500ml - £1.75

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I'm intrigued....should be noted it's currently on offer (same price) at the other big supermarkets
Tried this a few weeks back. Taste is OK. Certainly cleared out my gut though
Go to your local Polish shop. Kefir milk is usually cheaper
Buy some grains off ebay, add to milk, wait a bit, strain - drink. Put the grains in some milk, repeat.
Try any Polish/Lithuanian/EasternEuropean food shop where 1l kefir costs £0.99-1.50. Double the size for half price AND authentic taste, not this overpriced bad tasting stuff. The worst offenders are flavoured varieties - you won't find such crap in E.Europe.
there are a lot of polish kefirs in my local tesco : perhaps i'll try one, senukas - in honour of the latest nobel prize winner from Poland.…tml
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Don’t think I could buy this after hearing far too much about it on The Archers!
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