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Morrisons fresh pizza £2 any topping, base or size
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Morrisons fresh pizza £2 any topping, base or size

Posted 29th Sep 2009Available: National

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Saw this today in Morrisons and staff member stated it was running all week.

£2 for any fresh pizza - no matter what topping, size or base you go for.

Think they just do 9" and 12",

They do 3 bases - thin/crispy base, stuffed crust and deep pan.

Spicy chicken, Meat feast and Spicy meatball are all very good!
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good find, thanks
Hot from me
Hot! thanks
they always go soggy !!!
Will be making a bee-line to Morrisons then.

The stuffed crust pizza is lovely.

The best pizza I've EVER had was their goat's cheese and caramelised red onion. Delish!

Heat & rep added.
Cool, thanks:thumbsup:
Cool will pick one up my way home tonight
super hot I love these. Spicy chicken yum yum. Really easy to divide into portions and freeze too
Any vege options...?

Any vege options...?

There has to be a veggie option (I used to make these to fund my student life once upon a time lol)
Is this nationwide?

Any vege options...?

Yeah, They've always had cheese and tomato or a random mixed veg one.
Hot from me!:thumbsup:
excellent, i've got to go to morrisons today, hope they've got some left
not got the stuffed crust at my mos..:x heat added..:thumbsup:
Cheers. I'll remember to check them out when im in there later.
Didnt think they did make you own, thought they were all premade instore ?

Didnt think they did make you own, thought they were all premade instore ?

They are all premade.

Got 2 today, didnt seem to be a limit on how many per customer
Is this in scotland?? just went to local morrisons and they know nothing about it
Some stores don't have the fresh pizza counter, most large ones do, but older Safeway stores won't. Just got the big ones for £2, excellent deal, the small ones are usually 2 for £4 anyway.
Mmmm - hot!
I bought a deep pan vegetable one yeaterday - but the base is very dry. Great for quantity, not so hot on quality.
this uk wide and still available?
Until Sunday and across the UK, but only in stores with a Pizza counter.
I got some last night. I got a stuffed crust one with lots on it and a giant pepperoni. Had the giant one last night, enough to feed 3 of us! It only just fit in the oven! Bargain for £2, thanks OP.

they always go soggy !!!

Do you put them directly on the shelf without a tray? if not, try this it will crisp up the base put shelf higher up in the oven this might also help:thumbsup:
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