Morrisons Fuel £1.11 @ Morrisons

Morrisons Fuel £1.11 @ Morrisons

Found 15th Nov 2016
Morrisons fuel was down at my local to 110.9 for petrol and 112.9 for diesel!

Obviously feeding through from the increase in the pound and the lower oil price!

I'll see if i can get an image later


Just paid £111.9 for diesel at tescos in Kings Lynn.

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Not bad looks like inflation won't be so much after all! Love all these experts that get it wrong every time!


Maybe responding to … Maybe responding to this?

I saw this yesterday and needed petrol today so didnt go sains where i usually go, gets to tesco £1.13, drove straight through as really peed me off:p


Maybe responding to … Maybe responding to this?

100% !!

knew this was coming.... after Asda cut their fuel prices

still £116.9 in Cambridgeshire

Massive cut of 1p per litre at the Cwmbran Morrisons store, coincidentally they increased it last week by 1p per litre, so break even ,

this price at asda this morning

Woah knew other places were expensive but £116.9 and £111.9 a litre? We are paying £1.11 here save money and drive here fuel up save yourself £110 a litre lol
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