Morrisons - George Foreman 13589 Health Grill 'n' Griddle - £33.99

Morrisons - George Foreman 13589 Health Grill 'n' Griddle - £33.99

Found 13th Nov 2009
George Foreman 13589 Health Grill 'n' Griddle at Morrisons
Fabulous product and a fabulous price - just been to get my mum and dad one, will do for a small family or a greedy couple!!

Cheapest I can find is Amazon - £53.00 - it has got really good reviews also.

Please put picture up if you can find one - thanks again!!
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Thanks for posting. I have added an image to your post, but I'm only guessing this is the right one.
This is a link, made by rayman, which explains how to add images in great detail. It’s worth taking a look at if you are going to post more deals in future : -…hr/
Or follow the link in my signature.
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Great price - I posted this same deal a couple of months back... :whistling:…ddl
nice price :thumbsup:
Hi, please could you shed some light on where you found this deal? Ive been to my local Morrisons who also called 3 local stores and none knew anything about the deal. I also cant find anything online either. Was this just a regional deal and if so where?

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