morrisons  half price rump steak £5.74 kg

morrisons half price rump steak £5.74 kg

Found 13th Jan 2011Made hot 14th Jan 2011
half price steak £5.74 kg available instore until sunday





True...where ?????

I'd love to know! Come on, hungry

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lol realised shop didn't come up you posted before i could amend

haha thanks! sounds good to me

Love a bit of steak. This all stores?

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yes i'm sure it is. it wasn't reduced stock due to todays date but standard promotion they run in all stores

Thanks OP love steak and morrisons is better than any other supermarket in my opinion, tea sorted!

max 3 packs per customer

Dam ! I can eat 3 packs myself.

They normally let you put 3 through then pay then 3 again then pay, so you can get what you want really.

Thanks Op - heat added

Take the family and get each 1 to get 3 packs ... if u only have a small family take a friends family also lol ... excellent price now to find a local morrisons to stock up

bought some yesterday and ate for my tea which I marinated in some JD sauce-yummy! Got pack with 3 steaks in a froze the other 2.

Good price! Saw this advertised on TV last night so should be for all stores I expect...

Go to the butcher counter in the morning ask him to cut you a nice 2kg piece of and wrap it, then its only one portion. Did it this morning ;-)

Nationwide - seems like a good deal to me. I picked up £1.50 worth for now, but I'll be going back for one or two more at some point (depending on when it ends).

ends on sunday

No mention of 3 packs per customer when I bought 3 packs of sliced and 2 joints of rump which are cheaper than the joints of beef on sale.

great deal just bought 20kg. did get a funny look from the checkout assistant but nothing about 3 packs per customer

It does actually say on the TV advert max 3 packs per customer. No mention how large each pack can be though!
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