Morrisons  In Store Only

Morrisons In Store Only

Found 3rd Sep 2016
Found this in three local stores, all had plenty of stock and they had replenished shelf in one this morning.

I have for lunch occasionally and really like it..


Seriously Mank. Not hard to make a cheap bolognese and freeze the rest.

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I'm Scottish and a Celtic fan so what do you expect

Don't do it.

yeehaw im gunna get me sum

Perfect for food bank

heavens knows whats in it at that price !!!! no thanks ,i'll stick to dust !!

euwww... we all know that's gotta be b o l l o c k s and mayonnaise!


heavens knows whats in it at that price !!!! no thanks ,i'll stick to … heavens knows whats in it at that price !!!! no thanks ,i'll stick to dust !!

​I'd stick to vegetables

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I'm Scottish and a Celtic fan so what do you expect

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Perfect for food bank

What have the poor and needy ever done to you?

So many snobs!


So many snobs!

What on earth do you think is in there for 15p. I wouldn't feed it to the dog.

but not everyone is so rich as you!

I've tried a cheap spag bol tin (think it was the Branston's one) and it didn't even seem like it had meat in it. Some sort of papery/soya type substance. I shudder to think what's in this one.

Giblets and bumholes, likely.

some people like bumholes!

Wow, haven't had this since I was a kid and forgot it existed. I'm going to get some. I used to have it on toast and then squirt red sauce on the top. Classy days.

Heat for deal. And especially for Celtic

Can't remember the last time I saw a rat near the factory funnily enough

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What makes me laugh is all these people saying you don't know whats in there and for that price what are you expecting ?

How many of these comments are from people who have no idea where the vast majority of their food comes from ? Roast chicken on a Sunday from an intensively farmed bird that has sat in its own sh*t for 3 weeks before being thrown on your supermarket shelf..

All am saying is don't be a hypocrite people... If you do rear your own meat and vegetables, know exactly what chemicals / source they are from then fair play and I respect your opinion. Just I suspect most don't.

The ingredient list is on the tin funnily enough, so if your that interested to know what is in it let me know. I don't actually mind it is 5% beef, wasn't expecting 55%. I am also not as fussy about which part of the cow it is from. If an animal died to feed me why shouldn't all of its meat be used rather than go to waste ?

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Well, personally I was only joking, for 15p your expectations should never be too high. And if you like it and it tastes good, well, batter in, as they say in Weegie land.

Great little deal, bought 6 tins today (All they had left!)


dog food


dog food

feed this to your dogs i'll report you to rspca!

Had forgotten all about this thread but picked up a tin a few months back (someone Liked a comment I made on here a few hours ago).

What did I think of it? Honestly, it's horrible and I wouldn't buy it again. I don't mind cheap but this was cheap AND nasty.
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