Morrisons Instore offers on Yoghurt

Morrisons Instore offers on Yoghurt

Found 16th Nov 2011
Since the misc love their yoghurts, I thought I would help you all out with some cheap goodies!

Muller Corner/Mullerlight Yogurt 6 pack - £3.28 BOGOF

Activia Yogurts 8 pack - £1.64 (Half Price)

Shape Delights 4 pack - £0.84p (Half Price)

Shape 0% Yogurt 4 pack (Excludes Greek) - £0.74p (Half Price)

Nom Creamy Yogurt 150g- 175g - £0.61p OR 3 for £1.

Petit Filous Fromage Frais/ Rice Desserts 4 pack/6 pack - £1.50 each or 2 for £2

Activia Creamy Yogurt 4 pack - £2.19 or 2 for £3

Muller Vitality Yogurt 6 pack for the price of 4 pack £1.50.

Enough yoghurt to satisfy all the people in misc and more!
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Slightly misleading picture on the OP however...
Woops, tried to change the image to the morrisons logo but won't edit for some reason. Cheers for pointing it out though!
There's also 12 Mullers for £3 in Morrisons too. You can mix n match between light, corner and rice. Probably a better deal than the bogof 6 packs.
I'm sorry OP, but yoghurt is like sooo last week
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