Morrisons Large King Prawns (165g) / Buy One Get TWO FREE / £3.99
Morrisons Large King Prawns (165g) / Buy One Get TWO FREE / £3.99

Morrisons Large King Prawns (165g) / Buy One Get TWO FREE / £3.99

Buy forBuy forBuy for£3.99
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Equivalent to £1.33 each. Maximum of 6 packs in total per customer.

Available in most stores and subject to availability whilst stocks last. If you're unlucky enough to live in Gibraltar, this price and offer may vary.


Just a word of warning before you rush off and buy these..... they have previously been frozen should not be refrozen. So it could be quite a lot of prawns to eat before the best before date (I think they were 16th Dec in my local yesterday).

EDIT : It seems it varies store to store whether these can be frozen or not. Check the packs in your store.

there is already a thread on this ]here

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Oh right, sorry, I didn't realise there was a duplicate deal already posted. In that case, the administrators are free to delete this.

You can post deals on there own as people do it all the time :thumbsup:

Love the part about being unlucky enough to live in Gibraltar, haha! Been there, what a dump! ;-)

I buy these all the time for stir fry so will def be getting some. Everyone will be stocking up on these. I freeze them and take them out night before, they are fine. Can't remember them saying can't be frozen.

Thanks for posting, I would have missed this otherwise:thumbsup: my packs have on the front suitable for freezing. Heat added:thumbsup:

only very small packs !

Got some tonight from Berwick hills, middlesbrough. Date on them is 18th december. 18th is Friday. So... not sure if this is just excess stock?.
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