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MORRISONS - Lucky Buddha Beer 330ml £1
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MORRISONS - Lucky Buddha Beer 330ml £1

Posted 13th Apr 2013Available: National

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Used to be served in Wetherspoons for quite some time, Down to £1 a bottle!
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Somehow I think they have missed the basic tenets of the philosophy of Buddha.
hmm, beer made in china, hmm, somehow I don't trust food being made in China.
All these stories about fake garlic, plastic rice, paprika powder made from powdered red brick.
Don't want to know how they made that beer
£1 for 330ml is about 99p too much…. tastes like stale p**s
Not to mention melamine powder being added to milk to make it analyse as being richer in protein.

Melamine is a form of plastic but it looks like protein under some analytical tests (it's rich in nitrogen). Melamine poisoning has sickened and killed many Chinese babies, giving them kidney and bladder stones. Basically, it was being added to the milk so that the milk could be watered (or dried milk adulterated) without it being noticed, as the "protein" test was still within limits for normal milk.
Tastes like fizzy **** water. Got some a few years back when it was50p a bottle in b and m
Well this has put a downer on my predrinks tonight..
I'll add to the list "pine mouth" Google that if you haven't had it, if you have you'll know what I mean - and wish you didn't.

Though Tsingtao is excellent beer.
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