Morrisons M Signature Sausages 400g were £3 now £2 @ Morrisons

Morrisons M Signature Sausages 400g were £3 now £2 @ Morrisons

Found 27th Apr 2016
I popped into Morries on the way home to pick up something for tea and saw their deals on their premium M Signature sausages. Were £3 now £2 around 84% pork and a range of flavours:

Thick Pork
Thick Old English
Chorizo Style
Thick Pork and Brambly Apple
Thick Lincolnshire
Gluten Free Thick Pork and Herbs
Thick Oak Smoked Bacon and Davidstow Cheddar
Thick Pork and Leek
Thick Pork and Sweet Chilli
Thick Pork and Dark Ale
Pork and Jalapeno
BBQ Pork
Pork Chipolatas
Venison and Red Wine
Pork and Honey Chipolatas
Cumberland Chipolatas

We had the Cumberland and very tasty. So get sizzling!
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That's a load of pork

That's a load of pork

​I think I missed out the Thick Pork and Pork
Michael: So, are we having the full English breakfast?

Alan Partridge: Yes, please. Can I have my sausages burnt to a crisp, please? So that they can only be identified by reference to their dental records.

Michael: OK. Either that or their fingerprints, eh?

Alan Partridge: Can you fingerprint a sausage?

Michael: Yeah, well, I suppose technically y'could, aye.

Alan Partridge: I suppose if I was a burglar and I wanted to avoid detection I could strap sausages to my fingers. Probably survive a couple of break-ins before they started to fall apart.

Michael: Aye. Maybes, maybes just have, like, a beefburger for your palm, y'know?

Alan Partridge: No, that's a bit too far-fetched. I do enjoy these chats in the morning.
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