Morrisons Maths Set £0.50  Instore Only@ Morrisons

Morrisons Maths Set £0.50 Instore Only@ Morrisons

Found 19th Jul 2011
Morrisons Maths Set for 50p

Includes 15cm Ruler,
180° Protractor
45° Set Square
60° Set Square
Mini Pencil

Probably Nationwide, but this was in the Banbury store, but only a few left on the shelf in the stationary section.

Useful for school, but at this price it's handy for anyone.

Even cheaper than Poundland!
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Wow-over 100 degrees with no comments-amazing ! Is there a record for that sort of thing on here ?
Voted cold due to unpleasant memories of getting stabbed with a compass, being hit over the knuckles with rulers etc......and that's just by the teachers
Think it is 180 degrees for the protractor alone if my memory serves me, but you do the maths.
Classic Back to school item
mmmm...not sure...this bargain just doesn't add up
Can we avoid a protacted debate about this
if its like any other morrisons homemade stuff it will probably only have 179 degrees and break witihn the hour..
You need to look at it from a different angle guys!

What's the long and short of the ruler?

Maybe we all need to sharpen our pencils!
According to my calculations these comments are funny!
How do these measure up? What's the point of the compass?
From my angle, it's well worth circling this deal.

Thanks for the votes and funny comments, and hope some of you found these in store.

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